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My three cats

Charlie is a Calico cat. I first thought she was a boy, because her anatomy looked for many months to be a boys. Then we first thought he was getting fat, and we would tease him and say "Charlie you are getting a beer belly" because we thought he was the studd of the farm, he would always strutt when he would walk like he was king of the farm. Then one day Charlie was laying on his stomach, and was saw nipples on his enormous belly.

My boyfriend at the time was working on his car, and I went over to where he was and announced "Ummmm... Charlie is a Charlenie and she is pregnant" we were really baffled for about a couple of weeks about this. But we never saw Charlie's kittens so we think she either miscarried or they did not make it.

Then there is Timothy. He was born on the farm by a stray cat, he was slow so we were able to capture him and tame him. Once he was weaned, we would take him to my old apartment for a couple of days so he would bond with us and trust us.

I remember the first day he was there, he hid in the corner. He wasn't eating his cat food because he was too scared to eat. So I had some spegettios in a bowl that I had been eating earlier that day, so I put the spoon near him with some speghettios in it, he started eating them and saying "mmmmm meow meow meow mmmmm meow meow meow" Then I gave him some milk, and he was trying to make those funny sounds while drinking the milk and he ended up making air bubbles, it was so funny.

Then we have Pandora, she was abandoned behind my old apartment. She is missing a leg, we didn't really think she would survive if we did not find her when we did. But the other day she really shocked and surprised my boyfriend. When we first brought her to the farm she was scared of the other cats and my boyfriends dog (his dog is harmless and loves cats and is really old), so she hid in the barn. So since then we keep her in there, because we figure she will be safe and not wander of, and be warm since she has authritus in her leg.

Well she is know getting use to the farm and venturing around the farm and not staying in the barn. This worries my boyfriend, so he patches up holes in the barn so she can't get out. One day she got out and he was like "Pandora, how did you get out?" For some reason she got startled and ran away from my boyfriend, ran into the barn did a flip up in the air and climbed up two levels in the barn really fast. My boyfriend was amazed that she could climb so well w/her missing a leg, and from the time we have known her she has a difficult time walking sometimes, and I had to carry her sometimes. We thought it was so funny, and amazed that she still has this in her.
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Im assuming your cats are outside cats since Charlie was pregnant? Well no offence but if your cats are gonna be living outside then you really should get them spayed and neutered.My 3 cats live outdoors and the two boys have been neutered and the girl was spayed.
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They are all taking care of now. And before this happened they were indoors cats. At the time I lived with my best friend and her family. And she wanted to have Charlie, at the time I thought Charlie was a boy, and I was planning on getting a place of my own soon, and didn't want him to get his sisters pregnant. So I gave my friend Charlie, and I mentioned to her family several times about getting Charlie nuetured, and they said they would get it done but then they wouldn't.

At the time I was saving up money to live on my own, and suddenly out of the blue my friend tells me my cats can't live there no more including Charlie who she was suppossed to take. I had to find a place to live fast because they people where being really hateful towards me, so all my money went towards rent and paying other bills.

2 months after we found out Charlie was pregnant we had her spayed. And Pandora is already spayed, we can see on her body her stickes where her previous owners had it down, and Timothy is too young, still a kitten so when he gets old enough we will have him taken care of also.
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Well today my boyfriend asked his friend if he could take all my cats, because his mother is selling the farm in a couple of months. I knew this was comming but just hearing it made me so sad.

Today my boyfriend and his Mom where at the farm with an auctionair looking at there items they want to sell. I didn't go, because it would make it more real to me that my cats wouldn't be there soon.

If his friend does take them it won't be until March, but that time will only go fast and my babies will be gone. If I ever do rent a house or have a house I can get them back, but it has been hard enough for me to have them live at the farm in the first place, only being able to see them for short amounts of time, not having them there with me every day like they use to be. Now there will be big periods of time when I don't see them at all.

I don't want to tell my boyfriend how sad I am, because I understand why his mom needs to sell the farm. He keeps talking about how his mom will give him money when she does it, but no money in the world would be enough for losing my cats, I would give a million dollars if I had it just to keep them with me everyday that would be priceless for me.
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SO, what happened to you find a new home ? And your cats did they find a new home?
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They are still at the farm, they will probably still be there until March. We are waiting on my boyfriends friend to make a decision if he will take them or not. If they go there I know they will be happy there, he already has like 20 cats, and I hear he really spoils them. My boyfriend said if he could buy outfits for them he would. Atleast I know they will be safe there and they will be indoor cats again.
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