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Need help

How can I get my cat Tilly to like Indy?
She realy does not like him. She hisses and hides from him.
I do not want her to be scared in her own house.
I have tried sitting in the same room as them both but she still hisses.
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How long have they been together. I have three the third cat, Magilla, has been here for 3 months and my one cat still hates him and will never come around but since they aren't hurting each other they are okay. They still get individual mommy time.

If they have been living in the same home for awhile then they may never like each other and you may just have to make sure each of them gets attention individually. Most cats will usually tolerate each other as long as there is a specific distance between them. If they have just met then it may be a matter of time until their tolerance builds up.
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Indy is a puppy.
They have been together for a month now.
He can get very close to her when no-one is looking but as soon as she notices us she starts hissing.
The other 2 cats love him except when he chases them then they gently pat him on the nose and he stops.
I do not want Tilly to be sad in her own house
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Oops I got caught up in the cat section. Sounds like she may just never like him or over time she will tolerate him. Its very hard with cats being so picky. I would watch for signs of behavioral problems, like not using the litterbox, not eating, territorial scratching, or things out of the ordinary. If your cat isn't doing any of these then she's probably okay she's just not happy with the dog and is crabby.
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