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Question Need Litterbox Help!

I have a situation I need help with, if anyone even has any. Wyvern, my 8 year old kitty, has started pooping outside the litterbox. It is driving me INSANE.

Here's the situation and what I THINK is going on. I've had this cat since she was just a kitten, and she has never had litterbox problems, not even when the box was too dirty. (I have been keeping it spotless though just in case). I used to foster cats so she grew up learning about a lot of different cats. I've always been low on money, so always used whatever litter was on hand. My cats have never been picky about litter (or food for that matter...)

We moved in August and everything is different. My new roomie has 2 cats. One is a male who sprays and one is a little bully. I keep my old cat (she's 15 and can't handle stress!) in my bedroom only because she kept getting picked on, but Wyvvy is still young and needs more space. Theh ouse also was owned by someone who had cats before and didn't take care of them the best, the whole place stank of cat pee when we moved in and still does in places.

I think this pooping outside the box thing started as a territorial thing, since she smells other cats all the time and feels threatened by my roomie's cat, and probably sees a bad influence in the other! She still pees in the box, she poops right in front of it though.

What on EARTH can I do? I am so sick of this place stinking and I can't tolerate it anymore - I am beginning to hate my own cat and that's not fair. If this were a normal house and she were my foster I'd lock her in the bathroom with a box til she got the hang of it. Unfortunately, the bathroom doesn't have a door that closes properly and she could get out. Keeping her in my bedroom doesn't seem to work, she pooped right outside the box just now! (And she wants out badly).

Any ideas welcome. I am considering locking her in a large dog crate with a litterbox if nothing else works. I have never had problems with cats like I have in this house, it's just horrible, I kind of don't even want cats any more, as horrible as it sounds. Even the fosters I had from out on the street didn't have litterbox problems unless they were sick. I'm just losing my mind.
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My oldest cat does that sometimes. Some cats do it mostly to show that they are the alpha. I remember reading somewhere that when a cat poops outside the litter box, or in it and doesn't make an effort to clean it, then they are attempting to establish dominance. She can smell the other two cats, and the previous cats.

I bought some "No Mark" spray and that works well, so you might want to try that with the one who sprays, and then spray it outside, around the litter box. Anytime she looks like shes about to poop, pick her up and place her in the box. You will have to do it often, but she will eventually relearn to go in there when she has to poop. It worked wonders for mine, and he only has an accident outside the box every once in awhile now instead of a few times a week.
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The cat hierarchy is matriarchal, with un-spayed females taking the alpha role above spayed females, and even above un-neutered males. No doubt she feels threatened! She probably wants to assert her dominance, is being restricted, and not dealing well. And in that case,there's really not a whole lot of "forcing" that you can do.
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I guess I'm going to try keeping her in my bedroom along with my other cat. Those two have always gotten along fine. Maybe she can 'de-stress' in here for a while and then I'll try letting her roam the house again.
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