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Need some advise/help taming a semi-feral.

Hello fellow cat lovers!

Last year around March/April, Toby and Fifi's mom gave birth to them along with their sister, Misha, who I fell in love with intially when I saw them playing in my back yard. The problem last year was that Misha always pulled a great escape from me while Toby and Fifi were easily caught. I could tell that Misha (Hoodini I called her) was moms fav. I made it clear to my gf that I was going to catch her and I did about 2 weeks later. Misha ended up being very flea infested and she bit me hard when I tried to grab her while she was running away from me in the room I had them in......completely my fault I know! She seemed the most wild out of the 3 as well. I could only afford to take 2 to the vet so I ended up trying to place Misha in a no kill shelter. I called so many shelters and no one was able to take her in so I decided to re-release her in my back yard. It hurt me to do that and hear her crying for her mom in the back yard but eventually, mom came back and took her to my neighbors back yard a few homes away.

My neighbor has an open window basement so the ferals can come and go as they please. He closes the window in the winter so the cold doesn't get in and the cats stay warm throughout winter. He tells me that they are friendly with him to a certain point. He feeds them daily but somedays he doesn't have the time to do so.

My neighbor and I took momma cat and Misha to the mobile ASPCA clinic 0n June 15 and finally got them fixed so no more kittens, thank the heavens %%! I decided to take Misha in and this time, I'm not going to let her go and give up on her this time around. I can see that she is very nervous and scared when I walk into the spare room I have made for her. I walk slowly and blink softly when I look at her. Last night when I came home from work, I found her out of her open hiding spot I have for her and she frooze immediately on the spot. I walked slowly toward her and threw 2 mousey toys on the floor and had a feathery toy I that I was playing with w/o looking at her. She finally took her gaze off me and took notice of the toys instead of me. She lets me pet her all over her face but I've noticed that she gets uneasy when I start to stoke her body so I don't.

What I like to ask you all is from your personal experiences......what steps should I take now in socializing her and making her bond with me? I know and understand it can/will take A LOT of time and I'm in this completely to the end. I've read so much online but its been somewhat overwhelming reading everything. I pretty much have an idea of what I need to be doing but I would like to know what I shouldn't be doing as well because I don't want to take any chances in losing her from my actions. I'm taking my time and doing things very slowly so she knows I'm no threat. How much should I frequent the room and pet her as much as possible? Should I just remain sitting in one corner playing with a feather wand w/o looking at her till she one day shows interest in playing? Any advise/help would be tremendously appreciated!

I'm sorry my first post was this long! Thank you for reading this far!
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