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Exclamation Never Before Seen?

Hi, I'm a new member. I've had cats all my life and I've just adopted two from the local humane society to be my current companions:

Their names are Kizmet (above) and Edwyn (below).

Kizmet was the smallest of the large group of kittens he was housed with, and he seems to be a bit prone to illness. I've only had them for about a month and he's already been sick (it wasn't upper respiratory but it still required an antibiotic) and conjunctivitis that required eye drops to get rid of.

Now that we've gotten those cleared up he's having an ear problem. I was very surprised at this because I made sure that their ears were clean when I adopted them and they never go outside, but I picked up an ear mite treatment at the store. Following the directions, I put the drops in and massaged for a while and then gently cleaned the ears out. What came out was not what I expected: papery dark brown strips were wadded in the folds inside his ear.

The directions said to do this every other day but no matter how thoroughly I cleaned his ears it was just as bad by the next treatment. I took him to the vet today, along with a sample of the stuff that came out of his ears. The vet had never seen anything like it. She confirmed it wasn't mites by putting it under a microscope and then gave me another medication that she hopes will help.

Has anyone else ever encountered anything like this? I was really surprised at the vet's reaction. She was really shocked. And in all my research online I can't find anything that sounds like this in feline ear ailments.
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can't think of one, help
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did the vet give you ear drops for the ears, my kitties have problems with excess buildup that is not ear mites but is just as annoying to them. they have to have their little ears cleaned every once in a while.

P.s. they are really cute togethter
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They are really cute, however i dunno what it was in his ear
Hope it clears up soon!
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Will It Ever Change?
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they are soooo cute. i have no idea about the ear thing. a similar thing tho....was an issue with my rotty growing up. we had to clean her ears all teh time with qtips and they always came out black and naaasty, and she'd try to scratch when we cleaned them. it might just be like, an earwax prob? but i don't know, im no vet lol

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First...They are so so Adorable! and Second...My new adopted kitties (who are 2 yrs old and 4 yrs old) have ear infections and they stuff that comes out of their ears sound like that...They got an antibiotic shot ( supposed to be long lasting ?? ) and ear drops. But I don't know what yours could have...

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Thanks to everyone who's replied! I'm beginning to wonder if Kizmet's going to have this odd ailment named after him for it's invention. But I got some sort of medicinal drops at the vet which may be helping (hard to say yet, but I'm hoping). If that doesn't work I plan to take him to the veterinary hospital at the shelter where I adopted him. They know his history and have very good people there, so they might have something else to suggest.

Thanks again! Glad we all agree on their adorability. Here's a couple more pics!

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They are both ADORABLE!!! I love Edwyn!!!!!!
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AAAWWW!! They are beautiful! I hope all goes well for Kizmet! Keep us posted!
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dark brown, ear infection, ear infections, ear mites, humane society, local humane society

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