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Never Had A Cat

We recently adopted Mr. Jinx from the Humane Society after our pug Xena died. Now we have a pug and a cat Mr. Jinx is a Chocolate Point Persian that thinks he is a dog. I do have some questions. One he loves to be outside, but I am so scared I am going to lose him. Plus he has long hair. My husband built him a great kitty condo and he plays with the dog and the kids. Does he need to be outside? Two how can I keep the litter that comes out of the box under control Three I am worried that he can't jump over things. He jumps on the bed, couch etc., but he will not jump over a gate ( baby gate). Is there anyway I can teach him. (I use gates to keep my kids out of areas and I want to put a gate to his room where the litter box is so the dog doesn't get to the goods) He just seems scared. He will stand on the other side and of course I will get him, but I was always told that cats can jump. If anyone knows about chocolate point persions I would love to find out more about their background and character. since I got him at the Humane Society I am sure is a mix. Have a wonderful day!

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I don't know anything about specific breeds...but trust me someone on here will

no the cat does not need to go cat is strictly indoor...I am one of those people who prefer to keep my kitty indoors where I know shes safe and healthy and all of litter outside the box is a pain, I got my cat a dome cat box...its shaped like a dome, theres steps up into it that curve a little and since its inclosed theres no scratching it out of the box and the stairs catches the litter from her paws, I like it alot....and my cat can jump, but not high, shes over weight lol and she had some brain damage so I can't help on that one, she might just need to be tempted with something good till she realizes she has control over being behind the gate...

I hope any of that helped alittle lol congrats on the new kitty and puppy

Proud mommy to Ashley

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I don't believe he needs to go outside. He may seem interested but it would be safer if kept indoors. Being a persian it would be a lot easier to keep him clean and matt free if left inside. I have a 4 year old cat that was a mean and nasty feral when he first came into the shelter. Was neutered as an adult and slowly became sweet and now is an indoor only kitty, so I know it can be done. Some people successfully keep an indoor/outdoor cat but I don't have the nerves to handle that.
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Personally, I keep my kitty indoors also and wouldnt even consider allowing her to run outside. Not only the safety factor (cars, dogs, and just plain mean people that dont like cats) but they can contract diseases from other cats that an indoor cat in all probablity wont contract. Just my opinion if I wouldnt allow my dog or my children to run outside unattended why would I allow my cat to do so. We recently had as area not far from here where a pet cat contracted rabies and attacked 4 people who now have to undergo treatment. I have a kitty shelf at a window for her to lay on where she can bask in the morning sun and watch the squirrels and birds. A safe kitty is an indoor kitty!
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I just thought I might suggest maybe putting some kind of little step or something to help him get up a little higher so the top of the gate isnt as high for him to jump over.
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Thank you for all your quick responses. Today I was at Target and saw a greeting card with a cat that looked like Mr. Jinx. It said it was a Seal Point Himalayan. The picture was right on. I really have never seen a picture of a chocolate point persian so. Any information on either breed would be wonderful. ie: personality, medicial issues to look for, grooming tips etc. Thanks again to everyone who responded to my e mail.

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try going to googling chocolate point persian cats...i tried this site not sure if it will be much help.
But no i wouldnt let him outside he has long hair and it will just get yucky, it is hard for long haired cats to keep them totally clean without the help of their owner...usually routine cleaning is a good brushing daily and a possibly visit to a groomer once and couple of weeks or a few more depending on how well you groom them yourself. The liter problem is a problem everywhere its nearly impossible to control, although ive seen things you put on the floor that collects the litter outside the box when the cat steps on's like "grass" or something. I personally use the carpet cleaner swiffer like thing it is orange and it has a sticky pad on the inside and you just run it along the carpet like you would do a swiffer, but for rug, and it takes a few seconds but if done daily it works really well opposed to having to get the vaccuum out. As for the gate, if he is little that may be why he won't jump but most cats will eventually do it, the cat is still a little uncertain of his surroundings probably and so therefore is uncertain about what he can do, if he is a baby it can be an agility thing and that they will gain as they get older, although if you constantly help him over the gate or open it, it will become more of a project for you because he knows he can make you open it or pick him up (cats are good at getting their owners to do anything), but as i said he will learn, all my cats have, just give him time...and personally i wouldnt let him outside esspecially bc of fleas and they are SOOO hard to get rid of if they go unnoticed, so if you can keep him inside it would be better BUT either way your cat will be enjoyable and keep you on your feet. Hope this helped a little and good luck finding information on your cat.
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If you and/or your husband are good at building things and you have the time and space to do it, you could consider building your cat an outdoor cat enclosure. That way, your cat could enjoy the outdoors safely and you would not have to worry about him running away, getting run over, someone harming him, etc.

As for the jumping over baby gates--this is something the cat has to become comfortable with in time. My cats would not jump over our baby gate until about 4-5 months after we set it up. They just simply wouldn't. Now, it's more of a game for them to fly over that gate and tease the dogs than anything else, but at first they would sit on one side of the gate and mew for someone to come open it for them.

Good luck with the new addition to your family.

― Rowan

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Wanted to know how the cat situation was doing let us know if you need anything else.
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Thank you so much for asking how things were going. Mr Jinx hangs out by the window stares at Lacey (the pug) when she goes outside. He does not meow as much anymore about going outside, but he will try to sneak out when I let the dog in and out. Things are really good with the pet situation and I really appreciate everyones help. Cats are unique. Mr Jinx has really be wonderful and helped me get through the lose of my dog. Sometimes I see her in him. He does funny things like she used to. Well I hope everyone has a good week. Thanks again!
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one idea for you is to get a covered litter box with a door it may discourage the dog from getting at the goods. as for the cat jumping like everyone has said it is something that it has to get comfortable with both of mine are little jumpers they can jump half way up the door from a sitting position i have the scratches on my front door top prove it. It is going to take patience to get mr. jinx comfortable with the baby gate.
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Oh your so welcome...please send me a message or post another thread if you need anymore help. It is so good to hear that things are going well. My new puppy and my cats are still adjusting...good thing the dog will never be bigger then the cats But I am glad things are going well.
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