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Question New addition?

Okaaay. I have some questions. Let's start off with.. Okay, at my mom's house. I have two cats. Owen and Marina. Both fixed, they are brother and sister from the same litter. About 10 months old. ( AND OWEN IS A MONSTER! ) Haha, anway. They get along fine, but they know each other, so it's to be expected. At my dad's, I have Ki'y-Ki'y (We spell it funny as a family joke. He was kitty, then kitty-kitty, then that, pronounced kee-kee ) He is a big fluff ball, born 2-14-06. He's fuzzy, looks super fat but really isn't and is healthy. He is a little aggressive, but at times he can sit on your and purr. He really likes to play fight and the bites hurt! I hated that we had to get him declawed (parents didn't want him ruining the expensive furniture, puh.) but now i'm glad for it, he is painful! Anyway, I was thinking that another cat might help him out. We are all gone during the day and I don't know if he gets lonely, but if I wanted to add another cat, I thought I'd do it now. Thing is, I'm so afraid he'll kill another kitten (paranoid!) or something and I don't know if he'd be super aggresive towards him. The kitten I have in mind (who is a nephew of Owen & Marina) is a lot smaller than my cat, obviously.. I don't know. Think it's a good idea, or should I just bag it?
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I know when i first got our first kitten she was a major brat then we got our second one for the first few days tigger would his and fight with sox that is until i got smart and gave sox a bath and dried her with a towel that my finacee and i had been using to dry our faces with so that way she would have our scent on her. After that both of them are inseprable if they can't find eachother in the apartment they will meow for her. Tigger also settled down a bit until they are playing and run around the house like a crazed lunatic. Personally i think it is a great idea to have 2 cats becuase that way they have someone around and can't get lonly. It may take a bit to get the aquanted but i recommend getting a second kitten.
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I have 2 cats (sisters) and I think it's highly worthwhile to have two of them to keep each other company. I have heard a lot of people say it's harder to introduce males together, I have no experience on this, but have heard lots of people say it, so it might be worth a question to your vet. For sure both cats will need to be neutered, if they aren't already. Helpful hints:

Make the introductions SLOWLY! Keep new kitty confined somewhere where he/she can interact with resident kitty only under the door, for example, that way they can get used to each others' scents without having to be in contact with each other. You can then gradually increase the type of exposure, like exchanging beddings and putting new baby in a carrier and allowing sniffing etc. I'm sure if you do a google search you can find lots of good sites. Your vet can also provide you with good information, I'm sure. That's another important'll need to make sure the new one you're bringing in doesn't have anythig that can be passed on to resident kitty. You'll also have to consider that resident kitty no longer has claws while new kitty will.

My post is getting long, so I'll close with, I think 2 kitties is a GREAT idea if excercised with care and committment. Please do also be prepared for those rare extreme cases of cats REALLY not getting along. Those can require veterinary intervention with medication, and sometimes the best choice is re-homing the new addition. It's rare, I think, but I just want to make you aware of your options.

I hope that helps some.

here's my dynamic duo, lol.

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They are CUTE!

Thanks for the advice. I'm really thinking on it, so we'll see how it goes. Either way, I think my current cat will be happy. I'll let you know how it goes, if it goes. XD
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We have always had multiple cats in my family. Right now I have 2. I think it's best they have a friend to play with. I love the tip about the bath and using one of your towels.
Often we would just bring the kitten in. The kitten would usually get smacked if he or she got too close to the older cat. It was never too bad - lots if hissing though - by both the new kitten and the older cat.
In the end they work out where everyone ranks and then they all get along.

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the main reason i used the towel that we had used is becuase i didn't really want to use a clean one and i thought since she was an outside kitten the other one would take a while to accept her so i wanted to give her as much scent of us as i could. I also madesure i used the same shampoo on her as i did when tig had her last bath since we have flea shampoo and just regular kitten shampoo for them. As soon as sox had her bath tig took to her and even helpped lick her dry. It went from constant hissing to them running around like crazed lunatics with him minutes.
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i think its a GREAT idea!!! nomally that helps with everything cause they have someone else to play with and to beat around the cats will fight at first thats norm and they will be fine you'll find soon enough that will love each other and not want to be separted.
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males together

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