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Oh my, what now?

OK, my son's girlfriend had a kitten (maybe 5 mo. or so now) hanging around her house for months. She couldn't take him in because of allergies.

A couple weeks ago, I went to her house, and his ear was horribly burned. I couldn't sleep that night, knowing that someone may have intentionally hurt him.

The next day, he came to live at our house. His ear now is completely healed, he loves his new brother and his dog! He is a very well behaved little boy that has even been using his litter box EVERY TIME, even though he has always been outside.

He has an appointment to get neutered on Friday and we love him very much. His name is Diablo.

Now, the problem. Since he has been here, he has not been outside at all. I wanted to keep him in. We live near a busy road that I would not be comfortable him being near. He was by a slow side street when he was outside before.

This evening, our son went out, and Diablo just flew out the door! I almost had a heart attack, as it was dark out, we live near woods, and Diablo was terrified! We finally, after about 15 minutes of corralling, got him back inside.

Since he has been in, he has been crying at the door, wanting back out to explore! What do we do now??? My husband thinks that maybe we should let him go out and see if he'll stay close and be OK going in and out (we have an older cat that does this without ever a problem). But what if he disappears into the woods?

How would you handle this???
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First of all - THANK YOU for taking him in! You are giving him such a better life.

Now for your situation -

Oh that's a toughy. I totally understand where you are coming from. I have (back home - parents have him now) a cat that I adopted from the streets of my neighborhood. I thought he would be ok indoors (he was three years old or so and had always been outside), but after a while (a few months), he got really whiny and started spraying everything (after his neuter).

If you want to let him go in and out, you could keep him inside for at least a month. Let him really bond with you guys (plus he'll need to heal from the neutering). Then start letting him outside in your yard on a long leash. Let him get used to where home is. Then maybe have monitered outside time until you are comfortable letting him in and out on his own. If you never feel comfortable, maybe monitor him outside all the time, if possible. I know you mentioned he darted out.

I would only be worried because he isn't used to the woods. Is there a lot of big game in the woods, etc? Or is it just an area with lots of trees and such that you call the woods? I'm assuming the former.

It's not an easy answer either way. Were there NO woods where he lived? I wouldn't worry about the cars, etc. as much because if he has been outside, even on a quieter road, he *should* know about cars.

It's really up to you.

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i agree about letting him stay in your house a month. let him heal all up nicely. the big yard leash sounds cool. maybe get him a kitty harness and one of those dog leashes that lengthens and retracts? i know you can get really long ones. since he's all ready been outdoors at the old place, he will have defensive instincts. should a wildlife problem arise, he should know what to do. maybe take him on the leash into the woods and show him around so he knows its safe. it can get scary doing it alone. he'll love catching mice there!

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His former neighborhood was a small town, by a river and a train track. Not really a safe neighborhood, because of people, not other animals.

We live in a valley surrounded by woods. Deer, raccoon, skunks, bunnies, and an occasional bear or coyote.

He does want to dart out. He doesn't think it's fair that his older sister-kitty and his dog get to go out. His brother-kitty would rather die than go near the door! I just think he has been through a lot in his short life being outside. I really didn't think he would WANT to go out. But spring is here and he loves open windows.

I think, after his surgery, I will try with a leash to see how he does.

Thanks for the replies. Someone on here always understands.

Any other ideas, let me know!

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can't think of one, help
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I train my kitties to stay away from doors with cans filled with something very noisy. coins, rocks etc. I live on a street that is very bad for kitties, and I like to know where they are at all times. Also, I have storm doors that help some, If I'm going in and out, and think there may be a kitty poised to run out I kick the door and make noise to scare them away from the door. So far it has worked.
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