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Orphan Kitten

Hi, I work at a pet store and recently someone brought in a kitten who'd been abandoned by a feral mother. Apparently the mother had abandoned a litter before this, but they didn't find them until they'd passed away. I offered to keep it as I've had some experience raising other baby animals.

We took her to the vet the morning after, who guessed she's about 2 weeks old, and he gave her a dewormer and some medicine for coccidia. We've had her since this Monday.

We're a little worried, though. She's eating well and has been steadily gaining weight- actually a little faster than kittenrescue.org suggests they should, which has me worried some. Also, she tends to get the shakes- usually it's when she's practicing her walking (she's not too good at it yet), but sometimes if she's not in her blanket or in her box with her heating pad she will.

I don't want to smother her, but I can't tell if it's because she is cold or for some other reason. I was originally feeding her every 4 hours but for the last few hours I fed her every two, as I was concerned it was something to do with not getting enough formula?

Also, her stool, which for a while was firming up (still soft, but the vet tech I spoke to on the phone said it was because of the dewormer and coccidia meds) is runny again. I have been feeding her Just Born liquid formula. I read somewhere that cutting the formula with water might help, so I did... and her stool was practically liquid after. >_<

She still plays with us, as much as a kitten her size can- and she does make an effort to walk, but I've notice her meows are no longer as loud - when we first got her, you could hear her crying from another room. Now she almost never does, until we wake her up, and it's either very soft or silent. Is it because we've been on top of her feeding schedule, or should I take her to the vet?

Another thing- her breathing was VERY fast when she was sleeping at first, but she's sleeping against my hand now and it's much deeper and steadier. Is that good or bad? She doesn't appear to be laboring to breath- and as soon as I type that, she started 'whuffing' like she was trying to cough up a hairball. It only lasted about a second, and she WAS just licking herself. Ugh. If I keep watching her I'm going to drive myself crazy.

And the last thing- her weight. Monday, she weighed 7.2 oz. By Tuesday night she was 8 oz, Wed night 8.8, Thursday 9.6, and tonight a whopping 10.65. Are we overfeeding her? o_O According to her weight, she should be around 3 weeks now. Her eyes are open, ears fully erect, and she is able to stand, and take a few stumbling steps before rolling over and pawing at our fingers.

Should I drop the $40 to take her to the vet in the AM, or am I overreacting? She's eating and gaining weight fine. I've just read way too many 'fading kitten' stories and have had baby kittens die on me in my youth, and I would be devastated if she doesn't make it.
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All i can say is, see if you can get a number for RSPCA or a cat charity and ask them everything you have written. They should be able too help. But if your REALLY worrid then yes take her back to the vets.
Even tho i dont have cats, i think you might be over feeding her, cause that sounds like a lot off weight in a few days!!
Maybe change her food your giving littlen, that might help.
Sorry not an expert on cats, thats all i can give.
She sounds lovely by the way, she has a great owner!!
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I am unsure as I have only ever weaned mice once the momma died but follow your gut. If it seems weird then take her to the vet (40$ is nothing compared to here!) or call the shelter maybe someone can tell you over the phone whether or not your feeding her too much.
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orphan baby kitten

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