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I have 2 cats that I've had since they were babies. I've had plenty of other pets come in and out of our home many of times with no behavioral problems from my cats. Last week I just got a puppy, and I MADE SURE to show my cats just as much if not more attention, to insure there would be no jealousy. But my one cat has decided to pee in the dinning room, and I mean A LOT of pee! She actually did this a few times before we got the puppy, so I put her food in the spot and she only returned to the spot after I had moved it away. So this last time I put another bowl of food in the new spot hoping this would work. Even though her food was in the spot she still peed!! Does this mean possible UTI? Any tips would help, mind you its a wood floor that she starting to warp!
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If it was my cat I'd probably make a vet appoinment just to be safe, especially since the inappropriate peeing started before you got the puppy and she's been fine with new pet introductions before (not that that can't change at any time). UTIs can be so dangerous that I'd just rather rule that out, or know that's the cause and get treatment (just the way I operate).

Has absolutely anything else changed recently that could have made her act out? New litter or litter pans, dirty litter pans? Is your other cat for some reason preventing her from using the litter pan when she likes? If so, maybe you need many do you currently have?
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I hate to sound cruel but I hope it is a UTI. I'm taking her to the vet in a little while- and if it turns out to be a behavioral problem, I'm at a lost of what to do!! If it is a UTI it can be treated at least!! I'll let ya know later what the vet says!!
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I remember when how many accidents Ein had when we were trying to potty train him, so I know how frustrating it is to have to clean up pee. I hope she stops soon!
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Be sure to clean up the pee so that she cannot smell it. Use a product like Natures Miracle. Even if you can't smell it she may be able to. If she smells it she may return to the same spot. I had that problem. It can get out of control. Make sure you use enough of the product to throughly soak the padding underneath the rug. You have to be sure you get all the urine.
Keep us posted.

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Thanks everyone!! Just a little update- they are testing her urine, so we'll find out if it is a sickness- but from what the vet heard she thinks it is behavioral. The vet said she has a list of things to go through if thats the case- so first I added a new litter box to the area petunia is peeing. It also made me realize we did move her box not to long ago and shes real picky with her litter box!! So we shall see!! Keep yas posted!!
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we have a cat who is really picky about his box if it isn't clean enough he will pee elsewhere. is your cat fixed? we also have a cat who peed all over before she was fixed.
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i hope things work out for you. good luck on everything did the urane sample results come back yet?
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litter box, litter pan, potty train

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