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Arrow PetSmart/animal friends

Today we went to petsmart to get some new toys and a new litter pan for when we get the kitten Monday not everything will be Baby Girl's posession.

Anyways, Animal Friends has kittens/Cats for adoption right in the store. They had the most crazy cat, right out where it could atempt to deskin you as you walked by. Breanna let it bite him twice, and Breanna got almost scalped while trying to pet the cat in the lower cage.

Now onto the kittens. They had 3 in a 3 story chinchilla? cage, they were small. One was healthy, but the other 2 had bad upper respitory infection, runny noses, eyes, they looked sad and sick and were huddeled in the litter. I felt so bad. I just wanted to hug them. I told the lady they seemed sick, she said they were seeing the vet tomorrow, but the other one seemed healthy, but upper res. infections are contagious. I wished I could buy all 3 and make them better. i really hope they take them to the vets and weren't saying that just to appease me.
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we have adoptable cats in the petsmart here too, they are generally all healthy looking, but they are always out of water/food or have litter in their water/food. We go wednesday nights for dog training courses, I always make sure the kitties are all cleaned up. We've adopted two of our cats through their program, so we always HAVE to go look
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Erin, what kind of dogs to you have? What kind of classes are they, like obedience or tricks, or both?
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I have one dog, her name is Lucky, she's a black lab/boxer mutt It's basic obedience classes, she's only had one class so far. She's learned not to take anything from your hand without the okay, she's learned hand signal for sit and lay down, although we'd taught her the hand signal for sit a long time ago

that link has pics of her on it
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Very cute dog!
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Erin, she is a beauty.

Capn', we just got a new Petco in town and I was all excited. My hubby and I went and we were both disapointed. Though the store was new many of the pets were not in prime condition. There was one tank of fish that had ick, and it looked like all of the tanks were connected by one filter system which means all the other fish are going to get ick. I realize that this is a common disease that is easy to treat, but on to the next complaint.

The reptiles were way too crowded. There were 3 snake cages with five snakes each. The cages were maybe 15"x15"x15". The lizards weren't much better off. I wanted to say something, but they were too busy. We left and I e-mailed their customer service. I didn't get a reply for almost a week. The customer service representative wanted me to go back to the store and confront them and offer my "expert" advice. I felt like he was belittling my concern and pushing his responsibility back on my shoulders.

Well, I will go back this next week and see how things are and talk to them if things haven't changed. I just don't like making a nuisance of myself.
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black lab, dog training, litter pan

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