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Poor Kitty

Poor Kitty

This weekend we went to my parentís house to visit and Kenís mother came down to watch our pets. Friday all was well, but Saturday night we got a call from his mom and she was hysterical. Apparently our glass tabletop broke somehow and Kitty was cut really badly. She didnít know what to do. She has carpal tunnel really bad so it prohibits her from driving, but even if she did drive we were down a car that weekend and there wasnít one for her to drive. Being 2 Ĺ hours away we werenít sure of what to do. We call the police and they said sorry, we canít help! my poor Kitty, what is going to happen to her. Finally we thought maybe a taxi can get herÖ so we call a cab and they say.. well we donít usually go out that far, but heíll be there is 30 minutes. I was so nervous at that point. 30 minutes!!! Come on!

They really need pet ambulances! And they shouldn't cost too much either! What about people who have pets and no car? What if the taxi company had said no!?

Luckily when they finally got to the vetsÖ an 1 Ĺ later the bleeding stopped. The cab ride cost Kenís mother $20 dollars each way and Kitty had to have surgery. The table had sliced completely through her muscle. Luckily she is home now and not limping too bad. They said it was a really good sign that she was walking on it.

The vet told us to keep the E-collar on her for the next 10 to 12 days. Kitty somehow keeps getting out of it. She isnít licking or biting at the area so we leave it off for her. The amoxil drops, however, are another problem. She hates the liquid, she puts up such a fight and hisses. We have to give it to her 2x a day and now every time she even sees the dropper she runs away. I wonder if they make pills for Kitty instead of liquid. She doesnít even get half the medicine sometimesÖ it drips down my arm or she moves when I go to shoot it in. It is so difficult and Ken is trying to hold herÖ but he is not the best when it comes to that so she is all over the place.

Iím just so happy she is ok. We are never buying a glass-topped table ever again! Both of my cats used to be on it all the time, it keeps them cooler than the carpeted floor. Not anymoreÖ theyíll have to live with the kitchen floor from now on.
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OMG poor thing. I'm glad that everything is okay now. I hope she recovers well.
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Poor kitty.

Here's hoping for a full and complete recovery.
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poor kitty

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