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I havent ever had a cat before (tho i tried). But a couple questions is...

1.When Purchasing Items For The Kitty Whats A Nescerry and Whats A He'll like but dont need.
2. What the best breed, and sex

Any suggestions or stories or anything that would help would be great.
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As far as best breed etc, tell ya what I have had "shows" etc. and I will bet if you just visit the local humane society and the very one that attracts your fancy will be the "best Breed". He or she may not be full breed or anything else but, if she or he is the very one that hits your heart to say with those great big beautiful eyes - "Pick me, Pick me" it wont matter. If you have a litter box, good food, and a big heart that is all it takes to win any kitty heart! find a few good kitty toys and most of all much patience and lots of LOVE!!! There is nothing more than you can offer than just that and they will give you the same in return for as long as the Lord will allow thier little lives to give. Enjoy it as there is nothing better than an animals love as it of anything is "unconditional"!
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I am with swc. Go to your local shelter, aspca, humane society or even greater the city pound, save a pet from death. When you go...your pet will choose you. Lots of love patience and compassion will keep your kitty happy, and with happiness comes love and good health. And please spay or neuter your kitty incase he or she happens to slip out the door. You will have so much fun!
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definitely get a cat from a shelter, they do usually have kittens if that is waht you want, and most are all the same but you will just be paying twice as much for one, atleast at a shelter you are donating money to the shelter. As for what they need, they Need food, I use wet and dry as a treat, and any brand that they like, i don't pay tons of money for the food, they honestly seem to like the store brand over names anyway. They need some kind of litter and a box obviously, i am sorry i am giving you the basics, a lot of cats Need something to scratch on...I buy them scratching pads, my cats dont really like scratching posts just the furniture. Treats are usually a nice thing to have sometimes they like them and sometimes they dont. DONT do what my mom did and always give them table scraps, we did that bc we got the cat as a stray and she didnt eat much so we would give her chicken and now she rarely eats her cat food, so once inawhile but not all the time. As for everything else they need the necisities that we need and thats about it...including a brush or comb, they dont always take the greatest care of their fur. One other thing if you are a nice mommy and are willing to do it, u can brush their teeth using a baby toothbrush and tuna water and keeps their teeth from rotting...but I dunno if it makes a difference in the long run. OH and if you arne;t going to declaw the cat you may want to considering getting a nail clipper and cutting them if they let you. Not too far down, but enough off. Well good luck and I hope you buy one. If you need anymore help feel free to send me a message. I've had cats all my life so I can tell you just about anything except for breedings and showing cats. good luck
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oh I forgot to mention that males mark their territory but females seem to be more aggressive at times, but i've seen both males and females act completely the same and either one isn't going to make much of a difference except medically if they get sick. so good luck again
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cat food, humane society, litter box, local humane society, local shelter, table scraps

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