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Smile Ruby had her kittens today !

As many of know about my foster cat Ruby was supposed to be due in two weeks according to people at the shelter well this morning I found three kittens with her in her bed later 1 was born. All the kittens are doing fine and Ruby is doing good also. I called the shelter and they mixed up Ruby and Carrot's information with two other pregnants cats in foster care. I took Carrot to the vet today and she is about a week away from delievery. I'm currently keeping Ruby and kittens isolated from Carrot, Tommy and Nigel. She and the kittens are staying in my bedroom. I was wondering if I should feed her a mix of dry and wet food. They are two grey kittens, one black kitten and calico.
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Sorry ... I don't know the answer to the food question ... but congratulations on the new bunch!
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I feed my mommy cat both. I leave a huge bowl of dryfood out and I give her a 3oz can of food at least twice a day, make sure its kitten food. I normally don't free feed cats but I definitely do with pregnant or nursing moms. I would also definitely keep wet food around when the kittens start to get a little older because they will usually start to eat the wet food first and then move on to the dry. I like to leave a lot of food for the kittens to make them nice and plump. My fosters have not started eating solid food yet although I find mommy further and further away from them during break time so soon (as soon as they can walk properly) they will follow mom over to the food bowls.

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I fed Ruby some canned kitten food this morning and she also ate some dry food in her bowel. She has been drinking a lot of water. Also I want to when I could change the bedding Ruby and kitts are staying in a plastic storage bin that has the front part cut off.
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Most new mothers do not mind their kittens being held for a few minutes while you clean things up. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If the kittens seem really stressed though the mother can get stressed, so try to do things as fast as possible. What I usually do is hold the babies and let the mom sniff them, but not scruff them while I am changing the bedding. If you have to change it and the mom wants nothing to do with her kittens being taken away, pick mom up and set her in the bathroom until you are done with cleanup, replace the kittens, and then put the mother back.

Yes, I would definitely free feed her at this time. All my cats are free fed and I have never had problems, but with a mother cat who is nursing they need a constant source of energy. You can also offer her some Nutrical every few days. Make sure she has plenty of food and water available at all times. I usually feed more wet food during their nursing as it contains more water and keeps them more hydrated. Just make sure she is being fed a quality kitten food, such as Chicken Soup or Wellness.

Any chance of seeing pics of the new cuties?
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Ruby is doing fine I'm feeding Iams wet kitten food and Iams adult food. I'm also feeding Carrot some wet kitten food. Ruby is very trusting with about the kittens. I was able to change the bedding I put some old blankets in and she went back in with the kittens.
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Congrats on the new baby kitties!!
Can't wait to see pictures of the new additions to the 'hairy meatballs club'.
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chicken soup, doing fine, dry food, food bowl, food bowls, kitten food, wet food

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