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samson update

After hearing Samson screaming in my back yard (not fighting with another cat either...just screaming), I decided his neuter was prolonged enough so I took him in with me to work. I think I took him on Thursday and he was done on Friday. I'm leaving him there as much as I can so that he can recover a little. Apparently they dont stitch up male cats when they're neutered so the cuts have to heal. He was really dehydrated so they gave him some fluids. So far he hasn't gone in the litterbox other than to pee eventhough he's ate. He's also not drinking water at all. I last saw him Saturday night so hopefully he drank water today. I'll see how he's doing tomorrow.
During surgery we did notice that the top teeth (already his adult teeth) are moving. The vet didn't know why though but I hope they don't fall. He also received his first set of vaccines but they have to be boostered so we'll see if I can get him again to take him. He got tested for feline leukemia/aids and it came out negative so other than not pooping, not drinking any water, and his teeth moving when they are not suppose to, he's fine.
These are some recent pictures of him.

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Aw Claudia hes soooo cute. Is he now an indoor kitty???
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Not really. He goes inside but if I shut the door he'll start spraying. I'm hoping it was just because he was neutered but if it wasn't then he'll have to still be outdoor. I think I can convince my parents to let him be indoor also but not permanent. I saw him today and he actually drank water and he went in the litterbox already...a lot. He's gotten really sweet also. Hopefully it's not just a scam so he can get out of the clinic already. He's just going to be there for a few more days. I'm sure he enjoys the AC.
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Oh he is looking lovely.
Very healthy.
I hope he starts drinking soon and his teeth dont cause him any major problems.
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