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samson updates

Samson will hardly if ever come near me anymore. He goes near my father though. The only time he gets near me is when I have food and he always seems to eat as if he's starving which I can understand. I still cannot get the collar on him but I did get the advantage on him and the few times that I've touched him since then, he feels alot better.
I've been doing a lot of contemplating on giving him up as I am a poor college student with no job and I have 2 other cats and can now only buy things for them (all the cats I mean...not just my other 2) and not anything that I need. Asking my parents for help wasn't an option either as they wouldn't mind not having ANY animals in the house. I couldn't find a no-kill shelter that would be able to keep him in the shelter. Only shelters that kill or that I would have to foster...and I can't do that right now.
The shelter I volunteer at is willing to give him the shots if I can get him there and another place is willing to do the neuter if I can get him there. I have to actually catch him though with one of those traps and I dont really want to because he gets really scared and jumps around everywhere when he's trapped and I hate watching that .
I'll have more updates if I actually get him.
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Poor little guy.
Maybe your dad can try and catch him?
At least if he gets his shots and gets fixed it will be a start maybe calm him down a bit.
You are doing an excellent job.
I know what it feels like to spend all your money on your animals though.
Just spent another 40 on Squashy but he is worth it. Good job I have a credit card.
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I actually told him to try to put the collar on him and he wont do it. I'll try telling my boyfriend though. He lets my boyfriend touch him also. It was weird though. The day before he started acting like this he was all rubbing himself on me and rolling over around me and going to sleep next to it's like he doesn't even want to get near me.
My parents give me like 30 dollars a week for babysitting my brother in the weekends. All that goes to my cats. If I ever need anything I was to literally save for weeks. I have a checking account with hardly anything in there already and I don't think I'll be getting federal aid for school anymore because of dropping some classes. I have to find a job to be able to go back to school and I definately have to have one to be able to take care of my needs. I love my cats though and I actually would rather buy them food than myself anyday. I know it's not healthy but I have to be able to take care of them before me.
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here i am under the same situation...Have a talk with your parents, do you live with them or on your own. Tell them that you really want to do good in your classes. And you would perfer to go to school full time. Ask them for a monthly allowence for food. that is what i do. Also i do the baby sitting thing but more of the lines as a nanny. Start talking to a family that you baby sit for. Tell them that you need money and ask if they wouldnt mind spreading your name about. Alot of the times when you babysit yong kids you get paid more. and dont be one of those babysitters that sits on the phone the whole time. interact with the children, parents ussaly see this, and when they come back and kid is happy this equals great baby sitter. I make up to 8 to 10 dollars an hour and i get a job at least once a week. I spend that money on stuff for my cat then i give the rest of it to my mom (i owe her 150 dollars she helped my hire a lawyer for a trafic vialtion). I am almost done with that and then i will be able to get stuff for myself. Also if your mom shops for you take the clothes you can always exchange them if there hideous. thats what i do ... I am also an only child so i am a little spoiled but commuting 2 hours school and back was not my cup of tea. Also eat healthy, dont be a mac and cheese, and top romen college student that stuff is horrible for you and you always feel hungery. Another thing you can do for food, if your parents live close enough, go eat dinner with them. You get a meal in, and if you really like the food ask if you can take some of the left overs home. If your parents or boyfriend take you out to eat ask for the left overs. its a good way to get some extra food in the fridge.
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I actually live with my parents. My mother is actually the type of mom that wont really do anything for her immediate family. She hardly if ever cooks for us and she hardly ever goes to the store to buy food. I just babysit my brother when she's at work and sometimes she wont even cook for him. I buy him food and she never pays me back.
My boyfriend doesn't have a job and they just stopped paying him unemployment so I think I have more money than him. Whenever we go out I have to buy my own we don't go out anymore cause I hate doing that.
I'm going to go apply at some places tomorrow though.

Samson's neuter will cost $30 dollars which is really not that much. His shots will be free and I think the only thing i would have to worry about is getting him dewormed. My mom has this thing called a gold card which is somewhat like medicaid so health services for that cat will come pretty cheap. I just wish the shelters weren't so overrun with kittens right now so he would be able to find a better home.
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humm ok that makes it difficult... theres a place on this sight where you say that there is an animal in need of a home... and maybe somoene close by will read it and take him in.
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