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Unhappy Scabs on my cats chin

My 9 year old cat has scabs the size of pencil erasers on his chin, he has 4 of them. He and my 10 year old cat must have gotten into a fight and he got scratched with back claws since they are both front declawed. I noticed one of the scabs has fallen off and it is red under it but is not pusy or anything, he does scratch under his chin. I am thinking the wounds are healing now and maybe itch.
I guess my question is, is there anything I can put on these scabs or healing wounds when the scabs do fall off. It is 2 weeks today that he has had them. I do think they are starting to heal and they are not abcessed.
Any suggestions would be very helpful. They have never scratched each other this bad. It is partly my fault, I forgot to trim their claws and they were so sharp.
Thanks in advance
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You can start by taking a paper plate and cutting a hole in the center from a slit down the side. (if you get that) You need to make sure the hole is big enough for the kitties neck and place it around it, like a funny round collar. tape the slit and this should prevent your kitty from irritating the cut further. Call your vet and perhaps they can just perscribe you this jelly like stuff to put on the chin to aid healing... Kind of like neosporin for humans.. the most important thing is to keep your cat from scrathing it and infecting the spot.. consult a vet for some medicine.:cool:

Hope this helps!
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:alien: I forgot to add to switch your cat if from any plastic dishes to stainless steel or glass dishes. Cats can have allergies to plastic that can cause "cat acne". Dogs get this too. Also scratches in plastic can harbor bacteria that can irritate a fella with sensitive skin. check this site out for some info.... it also has other cool tips on cats.:bfly:

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