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Question Sluggish Bowels/Megacolon

Hello everyone.
A good friend of mine reccomended this board to me and I am hoping to get some personal experiences from you all.

I have a male cat who is now five, and he is just the most loving kitty I have EVERY known--well, his sister is just as sweet!!

Anyhow, I was moving around a LOT during their kitten years, and it was when I settled in my current place now that he was diagnosed with a sluggish bowel. He accidentally ate a ribbon(think a thin one for sewing/hair use) and he did pass it, but I think it may have tripped a condition he already had. I have a GREAT vet close by and he was pretty bad when they diagnosed him. He was put on cisapride 3X a day at 5mgs, and lactulose(I give him 1 cc once to twice a day) and that seems to really have worked.(I also am able to break up his stool with palpations taught to me by the vet--I am used to work with animals)

I just have a few questions:
1. Does anyone have a cat with this condition?
2. Has it progressed?
3. What do you do when your kitty gets cramps? My vet suggested I keep him playing/moving, and that seems to work
4. Bandit doesn't drink water--he is only a special wet food only, but I can't seem to get him to drink--I have started to put water in the wet food for extra fluid--the vet isn't concerned, but I've never had a cat that didn't drink before.(any suggestions--I've tried ice cubes, fountains, bottled water...ah!)
5.In regards to the sluggish bowel, did your cat have surgery and how did it go? What is the cat's life like now?

Bandit seems very happy(he's sleeping on his back right now, and Skye is sacked out beside me) and I want to make sure his quality of life is good. The vets have commended me on my care for him and I want to continue to learn of his problem and how to make him comfortable--he's been the light at the end of a very sad/dark tunnel and any information would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello, my kitty has neurological problems with causes something similar to megacolon. I've gotten lot of good support and advice here:

(Please double check everything with your vet first): You can try infants simethicone (sp?) drops to help the cramping. Try a couple drops at a time. How are his stools? Sometimes too much of the meds cause this and cutting back a bit (if you can) helps.

Mixing water with your cats canned food and a fountain is the best way to get water in cats that do not drink much.

Go to the site listed above for more info on the surgery. I believe that you use the surgery as a last ditch effort if you cannot manage the cat on meds.
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Hi Brenda--gosh, thank you SO much--yes, my vet did mention that the meds can cause some cramping...but, he seems to be going better--his stools are much better---not as rock solid as they used to be..much softer...thank you SO much for that link--I'm off to read up on this.

Yes--i'm not keen to do the surgery until it's absolutely neccesary, and I don't think he will need it--he's been pretty managable with meds.
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Hey Brenda--could you pm me or email me? For some reason, I can't register on yahoo, and I REALLY n eed to talk to people who have cats with this condition--my boy had a tough night last night, and he's ok now...but I have more questions I'd like to ask people--namely, can you get laculose in a pill/capsule form? I didn't realize that he should be having it three X a day, to keep all food going into him, staying soft in his colon...he hates the syringe, and if I can get clear capsules, I will inject the goop into them myself. He's resting now--poor guy had three enemas, but he's still better than when he was first diagnosed. I just hate seeing him not playful and happy and peppy--his old cutie pie self....he's a very special kitty--both of us were sick last night, and his darling sister took care of us both...well, she hogged the bed
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Oh I'm so sorry I know what it is like, trust me.

There are gel capsules that you can get that come empty. Can you still do a search on Yahoo without registering? A lot of people use them if they have to give several pills to their cat. These would probably work great to put your lactulose in. I'm lucky, my girl is pretty easy going. If your cat eats all her cat food three times a day, you could also put the lactulose in the food if she'll eat it.

Has the doctor talked to you about adding fiber to the food? It doesn't work with my cat because of her neurological problems but for many cats it works. Adding all natural canned pumpkin (no additives) to the canned food sometimes work. Some cats even love the taste and will eat it right off a plate. Adding a touch of psylum (sp?) or metamucil/benefiber sometimes works to. Let me know if you can't search the Yahoo group and I'll see if I can find exact dosages.

Go here to get some ideas:

A valuable lesson that I learned is that not everything works for every cat. Sometimes you have to go through several enemas and different additives to see what works. In the meantime, give your kitty extra loving and extra catnip!

Did the vet take x-rays?

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Hi Again Brenda--thanks SO much.
I've tried to mix the lactulose into his food, but man, does he really not like that stuff. His sister loves it though! And she doesn't need it..hehhe. So maybe it's a boy thing??

I'd really like to participate in the forum about cats with megacolon...I think I might learn lots, so I have a friend who is going to sign onto yahoo for me, then let me use the name.

Bandit is much better today--he slept very well, and he's gone to the bathroom a few times He's still tired, but understandably so. Poor buddy--he's such a wonderful kitty!

I gave him lactulose this morning...just 1cc, and I know I can get that into a capsule, so I'm going to call the pharmacy and see if they can help me.

Brenda, how old is your kitty? When was she diagnosed?
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Glad to hear he is feeling better

My kitty is only 5. She has been having problems for about a year now. It is mostly an older kitty problem but not unheard of in younger cats.
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