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so I have this chair....

...that one of my cats insists on peeing in. I'm not sure what it is about this's one of those folding mini-papa san chairs from Wal-Mart. It's been washed more times than some of my clothes. I'm not sure if there's a particular scent to the chair that he's identifying as a mark or something, I've tried a couple of store-bought substances that's suppose to deter such things, but nothing works. So I did the simplest thing and just kept the chair folded and in the closet. Now, though, he's starting to spread his practices...jackets and coats on the floor become targets...if I lay my comforters over my barstools to dry after washing it becomes a target (but he doesn't do it if the blanket is on the bed?)...and now he's started doing it to my living room recliner which is very difficult to clean.

Any suggestions?
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If he isn't neutered then I would recommend getting him neutered and that might deter the marking if he is neutered and if its more like he is peeing than spraying then he could have a Urinary Tract Infection and he should go to the vet to get some antibiotics. In both of these situations they tend to mark and taking out the scent won't help they may either find somewhere else or just continue in the same spot.
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Diddo to Denas remark about being altered.


Once CAT urine is in-- it doesnt come out!

Speaking as a vet tech.

Try Ditching the chair no ammount of cleaning will help and buy some Feli-way. Its a plug in style pherimone thing it calms cats and reduces marking fighting and other behavioral issues!
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He is fixed.

For the mos part I think I'm jsut going to keep him away from his typical away from the litter-box joints, just trying to think of something that might prevent it from happening elsewhere...

To point out, though, the bowl chair thingy that he seems to have a real problem with is fully synthetic and spends a good amount of time in a bleach solution when it happens.
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Okay- that will help. i still recc Feliway. It has always worked with me!
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As Dena previously mentioned lots of times this is an indication of a urinary tract problem. I would take him to the vet to just be on the safe side as it is something that can be hard to detect at first. Particularly since it is a neutered male you dont want to deal with the sudden emergency issue of being blocked. I recently had to witness with my friend his cat being euthanized unexpectedly on Christmas night from this very issue. He also started urinating on the bed and my friend thought he was just being angry from his recent move from out of state. Best to be on the safe side!
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neutered male, urinary tract infection, vet tech

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