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So um excesive licking, pain, not liking the brush?/tips for cats living together?

GAH. So i've mostly been worried about my cat Shadow since she just had an operation but she seems to be getting better and she's her old self again. The vet bills have been through the roof for her and she needs to have another checkup soon to make sure she's still going ok. (I missed the apointment i was supposed to go to . It's just she had an emergency vet visit in the middel of the night and the vet said she was ok but the main vet who did the operation set an apointment for the next day and i completley forgot about it and i haven't even called to explain yet so yeah getting off topic :/) Oh but does anyone know anything about heart murmurs i'm probably just going to look it up ok than so.

My cat Jazz had 2 checkups too since she was leaving blood on the table from her behind which turned out to be colitis... So she went onto these little antibiotic pills which she did not like at all. So i started hiding them in her food and she actually ate them. Sure some of the time she ate completely around them but eventoually she did eat them and she ate food after the pill and i did not see her spit them out. But to the end she would not take them with her food at all. This was all before my other kitty Shadow had her operation so i kinda felt dumb taking her to the vet again when Shady was facing something so serious but the vet said she was better and she isn't bleeding anymore. But most of the time when i pet her she'll start licking herself. I've tried using different types of soaps incase that was it but it didn't work. I was away for 2 years so i know she might've changed but when came back she was perfectly friendly and loved to have her belly scratched just like before but these days she rarley ever rolls over and if i try to scratch her she gets up fast. Whenever i try petting her kind of to the back side she'll immiditley run off. Same goes for brushing her. She was okay a few days ago, she sat in my lap and purred and let me pet her so i thought she might've gotten better but today when i tried brushing her she started making little meows which is not normal for her so i think it might hurt her. She also seems kind of depressed/gloomy.

She and my other cat have not been getting along. They've been living together for 3 years and they cuddled on the way to the vet () but usually whenever they get close or one sniffs the other my cat Shadow will hiss. Sometimes Jazz will do the hissing. At first they were a bt ...(kinda clawing but not bloody). They only hiss now and then, nothing violent. It is mostly my cat Shadow but when i'm playing with one of them and the other one comes into the room they look at me with those eyes and i feel kinda guilty. I give them even attention and treats when they're nice to each other and i discourage their hissing but they don't seem to get along. It doesn't help that Shadows been a bit hissy the past few days, She hissed at a few stray cats at the vet but she's been living with Jazz for 3 years. I don't think they HATE eachother. They'll go up to eachother and sniff and stuff but i just don't know what to do to make them get along more. So erm yeah lots of topics. And if you have any kitty problems i might be able to help out so...
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Any ideas for a cat room? Shadow can only jump 2-3 feet while Jazz can pretty much get anywhere. Tried making steps but she hasn't used them... yep. gah i don't think either of them are very happy right now. I want to put the furniture in my room so its ok for them but i just can not figure out where to put it and i cant figure out what to play with them to cheer them up.

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I found some blood in Jazzes poo today and it was a bit runny. She's still acting not quite herself but she hasn't thrown up for the last few days. I live in an area overun with clovers and mushrooms which are suppose to be bad for kitties? Could this have anything to do with it? I called the vet about it but she says to just watch her and that it's probably just stress but she just had the colitis and she still jumps whenever i touch her back.It's been 2 weeks. I so want to take her to the vet but she doesn't seem to think anything is really wrong...

I just don't want her to get worse and then take her to the vet.. Grr
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This morning when she was sleeping she had a bit of rem and she would inhale and then rapidly exale and her whiskers twitched. Every now and then she would cross her paws over her head.


how much goo in cats eyes are normal?
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wow you have a sick kitty
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emergency vet, stray cats, vet visit

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