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some one shot my cat!

Mr. Jim Noodles has something metal stickong out of jis skin. It looks like part of a b.b.. This is very disappointing. He is not in any pain, its not red or swollen or pussy. He is going to the vet monday.
I used to live in the mountains, I understand why mountain people shoot stray animals...i dont like it but I know why they must do it.
But these kids here in the city are very ignorant and have bad attitudes. They either think it is fun or are thrill seeking. No compassion for life at all. Do they not realize that My cat is wanted and loved? I dont get it!?!
I hate the city...cant wait to get out of here!
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Why is your cat apparently running around loose outside??

No house cat should ever be let outside, and should not leave the house without being in a critter carrier.
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First cat is neutered and licensed and up to date on all his shots. He RARELY ever leaves the back yard.RARELY! He is very attached to Allison, our dog. And one of the few times he did leave the yard, he got hurt. As we all know cats are wonderers. They are very independant creatures. Which is why they still hunt even though we feed them. Felines are not dependant on us like dogs. Unless you have a house cat.
I do not see why I should keep an animal inside at all times. It is not right. I know this is a constant debate on this forum. I am however entitiled to my own opinions and beliefs as you are yours. It does shock me however that anyone can pin up a cat in a house. This is a living breathing animal....not something that can be or should be pinned up in a house. Cats as I said are very independant.
It does not excuse the fact that someone hurt an innocent animal. THAT is the point I was getting across.
I also got Mr. Jim Noodles to do a job around our house. We live near a drainage ditch. The city emptied the lake. Ever since they emptied the lake the lake rats have made their way up the drainage ditch. Rats are carriers of nasty allergies AND DESEASE! I have 2 children to protect and the cat helps us. Mr. Jim Noodles is a great companion cat as well. He does come in when it freezes and when it rains. His food dish is in the house so I can keep tabs on his diet. I dont want him getting tubby. It is not good for him. I am posting all of this because I do not want anyone to get the idea that I am an irresponsable pet owner or heartless and only want him to do a job. We love Mr. Jim Noodles very much.
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As you stated this is a highly debated subject on this and any other animal forum. No one can change your opinions anymore than you can theirs.

Lets please remember to keep this civil.
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I think the "cats are independent" argument has cost the lives of countless cats. I have three feral cats that live happily indoors. Sure they are independent, but I'm the responsible one, and I choose to make their indoor environment stimulating and protect them (and the innocent animals they might kill) from what may happen if they were to go outside. That argument isn't very good, especially to those of us who have heard your story, or versions of it, countless times.

Humans are independent too, be we have to have restrictions on our liberties for our safety, ...speed limits, seat belts, helmet laws, etc. Pets are no different. Sometimes you have to live with some restrictions for your own good. And when we are young, it's import that those older and wiser than us (our parents) take care of us and not let us do everything we want ...because we aren't smart enough as children to know what's safe and what isn't.

As the owner, it responsibility of your cat's safety is up to you. Sure, the people who did this horrific thing are to blame, but you chose to let the cat out, in spite of knowing the risks you bear part of the blame too. Don't expect to come here and think that your part in this won't recognized or held accountable.

None of this even deals with an even more pressing problem, the damage cats do the the environment by killing small animals and birds that aren't equipped to deal with a predator like a cat. By selfishly putting your cat's whims over the lives of those animals you are hurting far more than you realize.

You're not a stupid person. I'm sure you are probably aware of all the risks to an outdoor cat. Those aren't opinions, they are facts ...just ask SPCA, or the people here who work for vets and animal clinics. Cars, poisons, dangerous dogs, other cats, cruel people, etc. is just a short list of what can happen to a cat outside. You chose to "roll the dice" and hope that it wouldn't happen to your cat. It was apparently a mistake. Your cat paid the price in pain, you'll pay the vet bills. What will you do now?

I think Einstein said it best when he defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.


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some cats may be happy inside, but there are a lot that go stir crazy. I had a cat once that was an outside cat (we live on a farm....all our cats have been outside cats) and some you just can't bring in. I had my one cat Midnight in when she had kittens and she scratched and howled until I let her out. She came back 2 days later extremely mad at all of us. Luckily, Tigger (our other cat) had kittens a week after Midnight and was willing to nurse her kittens too. Tigger was a good mom and didn't mind being inside, but still wanted to go outside and roam too. They loved playing in the hayloft in the barn or just running around with our one dog. Every cat needs some outside time. That's why they make leashes, cages, window cages so they can go out on their own time, etc.
Even if your cat is totally indoors, they will get out sometimes. They are sneaky animals and now how to work all of your buttons. Trust me...Millie got out last week and I didn't even know she was gone until an hour later. I thought she was sleeping under the couch like she always does. As long as a cat is healthy and well taken care of, why does it matter if it's an outside animal? Or even an inside/outside animal?
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I think Bob said it all beautifully as usual. There are so many things you effect when you let your cat outside that go beyond just the cat itself.

We have a cat that lived on his own for years, then at various shelters until we adopted him. He is perfectly content inside. We have made him an environment that is stimulating to him. I can leave the door wide open and he will not step outside.
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when my daoghter goes down for a nap I would like to share something with everyone.
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I would first like to say how much I love Paw Talk. I have learned quite a few things from this website. Might I add the Love that all of you have for your animals as well as other animals is astounding.
I chose this website because of the diversity of the opinions and education of the people who post.
Hopefully I could educate, not change the opinion of one.
I would like to share a few things with all of you.
I grew up in both the big city and the mountains. We lived in the city during the week for school and for my fathers business. On the weekend we would go up the house in the mountain.And spent the summer in the mountains. We did not have electricity or a phone and our only source of water was the river 50 yds from our house. The closest grocery store was an hour away. We helped our uncle herd cattle, collect eggs, im not gonna say what we did to the hogs and pigs and chickens. We also ate the fish we caught. I knew how to hook a worm, kill and gut a fish by the time I was 6. Our only source of heat was the fire place in the middle of the house, in which we also cooked on. Outside during the summer we had a fire pit we cooked on made out of river rock. The fire place inside was also built out of river rock. My uncle had his cow pasture behind our house, we used to have cow patty throwing contests and.....have you ever had wild spinach???? There were quite a few times we had bears knock down the front door on his hind legs screaming. Had wild cats on the roof at night.We also had an owl that sat in the tree in front of the house with what looked like a 6ft wing span! Beautiful! We had dogs to help herd the cattle and keep certain wild animals away, which is where I got the idea to get a cat. Cats keep mice rats and snakes away along with certain insects.
My mother was a biology major at UNM. We used to go on "expeditions" with her. We would also go to the lab. I read many of her books as a kid and learned plenty about wild life.Not only did I learn this through a book, but through experience as well. Especially the importance of each and every species living on this planet. To this day I will not even kill an insect in my house unless it is poisoness.My ex's father killed a gecko in front of me one time..I nearly losty it!
I am greatful for everything I have learned.
I understand why people in the city would rather have indoor cats, as well as I know why Mountain people would rather have outdoor cats.
Since the drainig of the lake not only have we had rats, but we have also had snakes and if anyone has seen the roaches in south dont want them near or in your home. Due to the fact that rats carry desease and some snakes are poisonous and roaches were used for germ warfare in the early 1900's I would rather them not be near my house or children.
The dog protects the inside from the badguys and the cat protects the outside from the rats snakes and roaches.
Mr. Jim Noodles also is house broken. He has done this since the day we got him. Why...I dont know,just something he did on his own.He meows to go outside to go to the restroom just like dog wags her tail to go potty outside. We have a litter box for Mr. Jim Noodles just in case. I do not want Mr. Jim Noodles making more stray kitties, so I had him neutered when he hit the weight limit.
I did not mean to upset anyone or hurt anyones feelings. I hope I have educated someone. Not changed their opinion, but educated someone as to why Mr. Jim Noodles is allowed outside.
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I agree with everyone, Kitten76 you are very right, i mean who has a barn and does't have barn cat?

Though I'm still a strong beliver in 'In-door" cats.
Because I've lived in the city where i feel it is way to dangerous out there for a cat (My dog dosn't run loose there either, I have a fence to keep her in). I live somewhat in the country now, there is a corn field just past my back yard property line.
If I get the opportunity to own a cat again, I will have an indoor cat here, as there are many eagles and coyotees that hunt the field. Not only that But the breeds I am interested in are very domesticated. Sorry to say but my male Persion was the biggest whimp and he wouldn't have lasted a day outside But My cat growing up was an indoor/outdoor SPCA 'mutt' cat, he lived pretty well. Though a few times a year had to be taken to the vet because of nasty abcesses from cat fights.

I think the right enviroment for the right type of cat works.
If you have nice neighbors and live in a quiet area with not many wild animals, and even less speeding cars, and you have a 'outdoor' cat, I think that works (But have kitty wear a bell so the song birds have a chance).
If you live in the big city, with cars everywhere and no yard... no that's not the right enviroment for a kitty.
If you live on a farm, or somewhere with 'pests' then you need a 'working' cat.
If you live in an area with tons of stray cats, nasty neightbors and so on... best keep your cat inside.

I was on another baord where a man rented the SPCA 'cat trap' to catch cats, and then instead of bringing them to the SPCA for the owners to be contected, he drove the cats out 20 miles into somewhere wooded and left them there.... not one came back.
A week later he had a teary 7 yr old at his door, asking if anyone had seen her fluffy
These people are out there, they are sick indaviduals and we need to protect our pets from them, as we have to protect our children from sex offenders.

Hope your Kitty Mr. Jim Noodles (that such a cute name), is ok. And I hope you find those little brats that did that to him, and have a word with their mothers... or the cops!
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Kitten76, I just want to say that I appreciate how you've posted in this thread... Even when others challenged you about your cat being outside (even though this wasn't a thread to debate whether or not a cat should go outside). I could tell your post was heartfelt.

I'm sorry your cat was shot & I hope he recovers quickly.
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I am sorry for your cats misfortune. I do have an oppinion about this subject, but I have learned that opinions are like armpits every one has them and they generaly offend. My opinion is built by my experiance as well as yours so all I say is be responsible and due whats best for all involved, cat and human.

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Aspires to Change Oil
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I am sorry that your cat has been shot.

I will say nothing on the issue of indoor vs outdoor. I didn't even bother reading the posts. However what I will say is I was disappointed to see that the first reaction on Paw-Talk was not to offer condolences. Instead there was immediate jump into "debate." Good job keeping it civilized though but still....

I was disappointed, that's all.

I'm sorry about Mr. Jim Noodles. I am glad he was not injured badly and will see the vet and will most likely recover fully.

Oh and, haha, armpits! Great analogy, sticky buns. I'm writing a note for myself to remember that one.

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Sorry about your cat Mr Jim Noodles, I hope he recovers well?
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I am so sorry he got hurt, I hope he is healing well and makes a 100% recoverey

Proud mommy to Ashley

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