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Angry Spraying indoors!

ARGH I am so mad, I just caught my 7-year old male orange tabby spraying a nice piece of furniture in the house! He did it right in front of me. Backed up and quivered his tail and sprayed it!

He is neutered and goes in/out as he pleases through the dog door. I've seen him spray random bushes around the house and I was praying he wouldn't start doing it inside, but he just did!

I plan on taking him to the vet to see if there are any urinary problems but I seriously doubt there are. He is acting completely normal, eating, pooping, and has normal attitude etc. but what else can I do? I have a feeling it is territorial.

I'm guessing he is feeling threatened by some neighborhood cat because nothing inside has changed - no new pets or anything like that. There are no new stresses from what I can tell. I'm now worried about letting him in at all because the furniture is expensive and cat piss stinks something awful!! And I can't watch him 24-7 for spraying indoors!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Is there a way to stop this without keeping him outside permanently? He is more of an outdoor cat and feels at home outside, so is this the best solution long-term?

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Should I get his anal sacs removed? Will that help?
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I would reserve surgical removal for the very last option. It can cause problems with defecation (mostly the anal sphincter) and/or infection.

First, I would consider trying Feliway or Bachs Rescue Remedy. They can greatly help with behavioral problems. Make sure that you clean the areas that he sprays with an enzyme based cleaner to eliminate the odor.
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