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Question Spraying male..who's fixed?????

My boy Wyatt is about 4 or 5 years old. And just in the last 2 months he has begone to "sray" things. He was fixed when he was a baby and has never had "anyhting" to spray with, LOL. He would shake his butt and tail but nothing would come out. But now he is. We have to keep him out side because when he does it in the house is is a dark yellow, with some brown in it and it stains really BAD! Does anyone know why this is happening or if it's something different than just spraying? We haven't changed anything in his life, (food, litter, enviroment) and he still acts the same, only when he shakes his butt and tail something comes out now. What should I do?
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Unfortunately it isn't normal but isn't un heard of for a male to spray after he's been fixed. Is there any other cats around, either in the house or outside? maybe a female that is in heat somewhere? If it is a yellowish brown color with a very strong odor, I might suggest taking him into the vet to have him looked at, as it could be a bladder or kidney infection (just a thought) I haven't worked in a vet's office for about 3 years, and although I am studying now to further my education in that field, there is nothing I could definitely tell you. Maybe somebody else could, but my suggestions are only those I mentioned above. I wish you luck, and I hope it's just another cat somewhere, and that nothing is medically wrong with him
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Thanks I haven't noticed anyhting new, all the boys in the house are old and have been around for years, so I am not sure why he would do it in the house. The other two already know Wyatts the boss. The odd thing is there isn't really much of an oder, just the color. That was something that confused me too. I thought that when a cat sprayed is smelled really bad.

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