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Stanley Update

Hello, and happy belated holidays to everyone! I am here to update about my dear kitten Stanley.

We found out after Thanksgiving that the reason for his ongoing eye problems (goopy, sometimes swollen, obviously irritated) is that he has chlamydia. So the doctor started him on Clindamycin, 1.5 25mg tabs a day. We did that for twenty days and while he was on it, his eyes seemed to clear up quite well. However, just a few days after we stopped giving them to him, the problems started back up. We couldn't call or see the vet right away because it was the week of Christmas, but the following week we went back.

Well, the vet decided that we would stick with the same antibiotics, increase the dose to 50mg a day, and try it from there. This time, there has been barely any improvement AND they're upsetting his stomach. He's thrown up a couple of times, usually shortly after taking the pills, and now puts up a fight to take them (which he never did before). I spoke with the vet again today, and she has decided to switch him to a liquid form of doxycyclin and give that a go for three weeks.

I know from [human] experience that antibiotics can definitely upset the stomach, as well as create bowel problems. Obviously, he needs to take the antibiotics to get rid of the chlamydia, but my boyfriend and I are really concerned about his well-being and tired of all of this! It's really important that he gets rid of these problems, because the vet will not neuter him until this is gone away and it is almost time to do that. He is just about 7 months old (and already 7lbs!) and we really don't want him to start spraying! He's going to be a huge cat, because even though he weighs 7lbs, he is not an overweight cat. He is just a big, built, long kitty.

Anyone familiar with all of this nonsense?!
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