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Stressed out cat? advice please.

So one of our cats, a girl by the name of Tiger we got almost 7 years ago. She was my dads and hid whenever me and my brothers visited, so when my dad passed away, she came to my moms house.

From the get-go she was very nervous. She ripped a hole in my moms mattress and hid inside it for the first few weeks we had her, and then went into my room and wouldnt leave. We had to bring up the litter box and a food dish for her because she would not leave. if you tried to make her, she would squirm and struggle. In that time she also would scratch herself to the point where sher had several bald patches and scabs and skin problems.

She recovered and now has turned into my cat, more or less. If im in my room and the door is closed, she'll sit outside it and meow until i let her in, and if i dont she'll sleep outside my room.

If i go away for a weekend she'll do the same thing. One time i left on a road trip for 5 days and when i came back she ignored me for a full 24 hours

Anyway, when i move out within the next 2-3 months, i'm worried about her, and I'm not sure if i should bring her or not.

On the one hand, if i leave her here i'm worried she'll get all stressed that I'm gone, but she could also be fine.

Ont he other hand, if i take her, what if she doesn't adapt well to the new place? Plus she'd have to re-learn how to be an indoor cat [shes an outdoor cat atm] and what if she doesnt do well with it?

I'm not sure what to do, what do you guys think?

Heres a pic of her, cause shes cute
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I would say, starting teaching her to be an indoor cat starting right now and because she is attached to you take her with you.

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i say the same as canadian critter!
I have a cat who used to be an outdoor cat, she had an accident ( we suspect she was hit by a car) and we decided we couldn't let it happen again. So after her hip healed (triple fracture...) we didn't let her out again. She still asks for the door and tries to go out when the door opens, but she seems to be ok with it. sometimes my mom puts a cage top on the grass and lets her sit there to observe what's going on in the garden, and she seems to enjoy it.

I would say it's rather easy to make her an indoor cat. She might meow in front of the door a lot at the beginning.
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I think she would adapt to a new location so long as she's with you. That is the comfort part for her. Cats will adapt to an indoor-only lifestyle. My mom's cat decided on his own that he didn't care to spend that much time outside and hardly goes out even though he can do so at his choice.

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This happened to me when I moved, we left my cat at my grams for two weeks and the first week she wasn't eating or drinking, she would always hid under the recliner chair and next let anyone pet her. then she found a new hiding spot there was a little opening under the cupboards where the sink and oven is and she would hid there, she needed to adjust to the change, cats dont like change and in ur situation same thing happend, we moved the cat into our new home and she would connstantly run into my room and hid under my bed. leave ur door open and let her wander on her own time don't force it or she will run back to ur door and cry to get in
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