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Timothy was put in his place lol

Everyday we feed Charlie and Timothy together. They have a double tray where we put food on each side. Timothy always keeps switching sides and nudging Charlie out of the way, so Charlie, she gets upset and gives up eating or loses interest in eating and doesn't eat much as she should. We try to get onto Timothy and put him back on his own side, so they can both eat.

Today we show up at the farm and Charlie isn't around. She usually don't come around when it is cold outside for some reason.

Pandora, who we try to keep in the barn, because it is warm in there, and we are conserned w/her having arthritus in her missing leg area. We are also concerned with her wondering off and getting lost and not being able to fend for herself because of her missing leg. She also at first did not get along w/Charlie and Timothy at all (she has been at the farm since December, she use to stay around my old apartment after she was abandoned, and when I moved I took her to the farm).

But today she is locked out of the barn, couldn't get back in to get her food, and she don't care if she don't like Timothy or not. She jumps up where the food tray is and starts chowing down w/Timothy. At first Timothy is on his side, and Pandora is on her side. Then Timothy start to pull his normal side and nudge Pandora out on her side, so he can hog all the food to himself. Before we could step in, Pandora hissed at him, and swated him in the face with her paw. Timothy then decided she wasn't a push over and it was best to eat on his own side. My boyfriend and I thought this was so funny, and it is good that Pandora is breaking him of this bad habbit.
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How funny. My cats like to play musical food bowls at feeding times.
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They can be funny when it comes to meal time and sharing. You should see my cat and the prairie dogs. Meow will get into the open cage to steal the hay to chomp on while my prairie dogs run to her cat bowl soon as the cage door is opened. No battles although Meow does get a little slap now and then, but they look at each other as if to say "What the H*ll do you think your doing in my dish!"
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