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Tips for litter training kitten???

Right now I am trying to litter train my kitten. She is a little over eight weeks old, and it takes me FOREVER to get her to go in her pan. I have to sit and try to encourage her for 5 minutes before she decies to go poop or pee. Any tips for encouraging her to use the litter pan? I've tried messing with the litter a bit to interest her, but it doesnt really work.
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Every Kitten I've ever had just naturally went in the litter. First they'd go into the pan, dig around in it a bit, even sleep in it before it was soiled -- then use it for it's real purpose. But it had to have really low sides to be able to get in, and I had to have more than one so it was nearby.

I suggest some low inexpensive baking pans with litter in them in a couple rooms. Show them to her, let her play around, and I'll wager when the time comes, she'll use it. As she gets older, eliminate all but the one location you want a pan, and when she's tall enough to use a regular pan, switch it out. At 8 weeks she really is just a tiny little thing!

I hope this helps!!
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^^^ good advice up above. You can get a pack of disposable aluminum cookie sheets to use until she gets big enough for higher sided pans.

I do have one thing to add. Sweep up her little messes from the floor and put them in her flat sided litter boxes so she knows what they are for.

For pee: sprinkle some litter over it, once the litter has absorbed the liquid, sweep it up and put it in the litter tray

For poop, just pick it up and put it in the litter box.

Clean soiled areas with an enzymatic cleaner to remove all traces of odor, to avoid confusing her. If she smells her waste on the floor, she may think it is okay to go there again.

As stated above, make sure there are pans near by in any room she is in. She's only a baby and may not realize she has to go until it's too late to travel from one room to another to find the litter box.

Be sure to not use clumping litter until she is at least six months old.

Avoid litter that has perfumes in it.

Plain clay litter, or if you don't like clay, pine pellet litter.

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Naturally kittens like to relieve themselves in sand or dirt. When you introduce them to a litter box or pan, they will gladly go there instead. Start with a bigger size pan, usually small pan is enough for a tiny kitten. But when they grow up you need to change the pan and then you need to retrain it again. So select a pan suitable for long term use. Also get kitty litters and scoopers; try to avoid perfumed litters. As she starts using her litter box, do praise her. If she is not able to use it properly never punish her. If you have hired a pet care professional Airdrie they will train these basic things first.

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