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Took the "kill the infidels!!" out of a ferrel kitten

Well...I've posted a time or two about picking up kittens at work. Right now, if I've estimated correctly...we've got 5 litters of various ages roaming around the yard. I really like catching the kittens because I like to get them a bit more used to people and they're usually filthy. I typically clean them up and let them go...the older ones I find a lot of fun because they've got the wild thoroughly instilled in them and HATE people...especially the ones trying to catch them...hehehe. Today I caught two kittens out seperate was an older one and VERY upset that I was interfering with it's The noises they make when they're mad and scared...and even 2oz gloves had a hard time dealing with the older one. Oh well.

The first one I caught was dark brown and tan, probably about 8 weeks old, if that...weighed in at 15.4oz. It's eyes were crusty and his nose was plugged with bugers and garbage. Outside of that he seemed fairly healthy in appearance but something's not right with him, I don't think. When ferrel kittens feel threatened, they run...they don't just idly scurry away and cow down when you're over them. This one put up NO resistance at all, so I think he might not feel well or somthing. He does mew quite loudly, though, and moves aorund easily...just acts like he's not interested in doing it. I took him in and turned the faucet on him and broke out some dish soap (before anyone *****es about dish soap being harsh, keep in mind that this is an industrial yard and pet soaps just don't cut grease and oil). Low and behold, after a good scrubbing, he turned out to be a pretty black/white color combo...and quite fluffy. He's VERY cute. His disposition might just be timidity.

The second...I hunted this one for an hour. He and sibling were hovering around the treads of a parked excavator and I had to wait until they weren't looking the run up on them. First I caught his sibling, but that one was very aggressive. I tried to catch him last night but failed due to no gloves. He bit clean through the gloves today and, since I was after his sibling anyhow, I let him go. Kinna irritated me because I put that much effort into attaining him and he put up enough struggle to make me want to et him loose, and when I did he didn't seem in too much of a hurry to go anywhere. But after a careful search, I finally found the sibling and got hold of it. He was also aggressive...but I had a better hold on him and he couldn't get his teeth through into my hand and his legs went the wrong way to claw...after a moment he went into the submissive bit where they just curle into a ball while you carry them. This one was tan and brown, tiger striped...which is why I wanted to pick him off. He was covered in mud and his nose was pretty bad, too..his eyes had a little debris around them but not much. I spent about an hour trying to get him used to me so that I could handle him but it didn't all. No touchy. Finally I got irritated, slapped on my glove, and grabbed hold and went and doused him. 3 seconds under the running water and he just gave. It went "death...kill you....I away....oh well." It was like I broke his spirit or something...afterward he just kinda flopped around like a cooked noodle...growling menacingly from time to time. Low and behold, the little bastard wasn't tan and brown...he turn into a real pretty mottled grey/white striped color. He also turned out quite a handsome cat...and is more willing to let me touch him now.

I'm thinking of hanging onto one and leetting the other go in usual fashion. Don't know cat at home needs company because he's driving me absolutely nuts.
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