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Top occasional human treats

I know we all let our cats slip out of their routine and have a bite of something we're eating that they like occasionally. What are the top human treats that you give your cat? Pepper likes:

1) Canned Tuna - he would sell his feline soul for this
2) Oatmeal in Milk - my Dad feeds him this every morning
3) Cheese - cheese topping on pizza is his fave
4) Anything creamy - actual cream, ice cream, any creamy treat

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Contrary to popular belief cats should not be given milk or any dairy products they cannot properly digest cows milk etc... I would be extremely careful giving your cat that much dairy and IMO you should probably stop doing so.

My cat LOVES chicken and chicken hearts raw or boiled.

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My cats will not go near "human" food, at our house, you can set a plate of food on the floor, and my cats will avoid it like the plague. So my cats only get cat food, and cat treats! Once we put Turkey on a plate on the floor for a treat for them at Thanksgiving, and they wouldn't eat it, in fact, they wouldn't even come into the kitchen until we took the plate up...that's how much they avoid "human food"

"The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath."
~W.C. Fields
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I never give my cats human food and they are not allowed on tables/counters,especially when people are eating.They know this.
I occasionally give them bits of hot dog,tuna or chicken...but thats it.

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We don't usually feed human treats either. Although the other day my fiance brought those cheese crackers with peanut butter, and I put them under the comforters(we sleep on the floor), and mentioned that we'd eat them tomorrow because by the time I was done running around doing what I normally do before bed - he was already asleep. Anyway, I woke up to one of the packages beside me, one cracker on the floor, and crumbs. ....But that wasn't on purpose because there's salt on the crackers and salt isn't any good for cats. I just didn't think one of them would tear into it.
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The stray that comes around my house LOVES tuna juice!! Its so funny that he loves the juice but not the tuna!
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My mom gets angry with my cat because she likes to get up on the counter and rip open bags of chips, usually cheese flavored doritos, and eat some. We have to store all our bags in the microwave when we sleep. She's a naughty kitty, but I always tell my mom, she's just looking for a snack!
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olives (its like cat nip, he eats them and rolls on his back on them)
ice cream (vanilla or orange or lime sherbert)
brownies (accident, i know chocolate is toxic. he chewed thru the celophane)
flour tortillas
it's not human food, but he loves toilet water. he'll stick his paws in the water and lick his paws, he'll drink straight out of the toilet.
he's a feline vaccuum. he'll eat just about anything. believe it or not he only weighs about 10lbs. he has annual checkups at the vet and he's in good health.
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With my old cat:
Any food he could steal, was food worth eating.
He had this weird thing with stealing potatoes and eating them... If we tried to give him any, hen wouldn't touch it...

Our old-old cat loved potato peel... And she also liked chips _o She didn't ever get fed any, but when a chip was dropped, she ate it...


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human treats for cats

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