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Trinity is acting funny

Well i know i havnt been on here for a year or so. I have been super busy with school and stuff.

I actually was able to get Trinity down here in savannah. When i went home for 3 weeks. She had a fit and peed and pooped all over my bed. Its disgusting and i actually need to get a new bed on tuesday when i get paid.

I took her to the vet to make sure she was ok. They could run any tests on her because her blatter had recently been eptied, or she peed. But she was really loving towards the vet and seemed perfectly fine. Essentially I have a a cat who has separation issues or is a Diva. What ever you wanna call it.

to deal with these problems the gave me this stuff that is supposed to help wit her anxiety. its natural it chamomilla and valeriana root in it. well shes been on that for 3 2 weeks now. Well today i sorta noticed her being REALLY lethargic. i mean she went into my bathroom and laid between the bath and the toilet. I even shot my hair drier on her this morning, she just sat there. I left a little bit of food in her bowl to see if she would eat any of it. she barely touched it. But the crazy thing was when i got home she was still inbetween the tub and the toilet.

So i picked her up im used to her running up to me greeting me. She she sorta mewed and i pet her. She purred
but then she wanted down so i let her jump down. I just thought ok Im home shes got her 10 little pet strokes and shes going to be miss independent. when she jumped off my lap which is no more then 2 feet she didnt land so graceful. if was like her front paws went out from under her and she sorta skidded onto the floor. Same thing happend when she jumped off the table. This is not something that would be hard for her to do. Its saturday night and I could get her into the vet on monday, but i get paid on tuesday. I have no idea what is going on. I hope she is ok. Im just worried about her. Does anyone have any idea of what it could be.
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I had a kitten that could not stand. I took her to the vet and the vet placed her front paws under her knees, if you can understand that.

the kitten did not try to get up. Vet said it was a neurological problem. She said the kitten did not know where her front paws were.

At any rate, I threatened my grandsons with the sure death of the kitten if they did not fess up if they had dropped her.

The vet said could be from one of two primary causes. A drop on the head or sickness.

They had dropped her, so she was put on a course of steroids and kept over night for iv feeding. She recovered. Sorry no one else took the time to answer your post.
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