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water problems

i seem to have a problem with my kittens not liking to drink water from their bowls. we have three water bowls out with fresh water all the time, but these boys like to drink from the toilet or the sink or the bathtub. which makes me nervous that they're going to digest some of the soap and get sick. does anyone else have this problem? or know if there's a way to make the water bowl look more attractive?
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You could try closing the toilet lid and putting a water dish on top of it, or putting a water dish next to the sink... but honestly, I wouldn't want to get them trained into something where you are going out of your way. I would keep the toilet lid closed, make sure there is no water in the sink and tub except when in use... and just don't let them drink from there. Every time they try to, I would pick them up and put them in front of the water bowl. Eventually, I sure theyw ill figure it out. Seems kind of odd to me though. My cats will drink out of anything made available... right now, they share a big 5 gallon drip bucket with my dogs. =)

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my kittens are wierd thank you
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Mandy- Danny's cats like to drink water from the sink because it is constantly fresh and running water.. never still. I don't know why... but that is what they like (apparently they like to chase everything, even water). So, your kittens arent the only wierd ones
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I decided to make shift a little "babbling brook" by using a big bowl with a sort of filter that I used in my chameleon's cage, it makes the water bubble, I think they might like it, George (the chameleon) did. I'll let you know what happens

water bowl

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