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While Im here I have a few questions

First of all as I said in my last post Winston is quite wild. When we try to keep him in our basement over night he always finds a way to escape. Like pushing out the window, or getting the door open. We have his litter pan down there and a nice snuggly bed. He just hates being inside.
Well Recently it got very cold here and we wanted him to stay downstairs so he didnt freeze. We blocked the windows and bolted the door so he couldnt get out.
well The next day I came home and my house smelled so strong of urine I almost passed out. He had gone in several places down there right on the floor! It took my husband and I several days of scrubbing to get it out. I cant figure out why he wont just relax and enjoy being warm. He is just as bad upstairs. He runs cirlces around the house, rips and claws at the furniture and pounces on us biting and scratching when we walk passed him.
I would never get rid of him, but I just dont know what to do with him any more.
He recently got an abcess from fighting with something boy was that a joy to take care of. He limped for days because it was right on his shoulder. Well after he was healed he started a new funny behavior.He will run all around our yard and jump up on things, but as soon as he see you he starts limping and comes over for attention. He is so weird.
Oh well I needed to vent about all of this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get him to stay inside even for the night. And if we will ever be able to tame him.
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I have never had a semi "wild" cat, the limping thing seems like he wants to milk your sympathy and attention, but basically doesn't want to be bothered? Maybe as he gets older he will mellow?
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is he neutered?

an un-altered cat/dog will usually try anything possible to get out of the house. Spraying is also a problem with un-altered cats.
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He has been neutered since we got him and he doesnt spray. He just urinated where ever he felt like it instead of his litterbox. Like he was punishing us for making him stay in there.
I hope maybe as he does get older he wil mellow a bit. I guess he will just have to be a "barn cat" living outside and coming in to eat. I will kep working with him of course to see if we can get him to stay inside, but I cant force him as I unfortunately found out.
His mother was basically a wild cat. She was dropped off at the barn shortly after giving birth and she raised them for two months around the barn. Thats when we recued them. My MIL has his sister and she is sweet as can be and lives only inside. I guess he was just too wild to be tamed when we got him.

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In a "normal" situation cats that urinate indiscrimately are trying to tell you that they have a UTI, but this definitely sounds behaviourial. Can you fix him a warm place to get into and just let him spend his nights outside?

I used to keep my cats on a screened in porch that we put plactic then wood up over the screening to keep them from gettin away. We only put them out there are night, and sometimes (with 7 cats) that was quite a roundup. But they were happy there, snuggled with each other and sometimes even wanted to go out there during the day. This was in KY where in got below zero at night.

Don't forget, he has a nice warm coat to keep him warm and the one cat who was the most special could come in on the coldest nights just as warm as toast.

Cats know what they want and you'll drive yourself crazy if you don't let him have it!


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