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first ride since the fall

A couple months ago, I took my Quarab Chief out for a ride, no big deal 'cause I always go bareback daily. But, that time, someone let two dogs out of the house and they chased after him. He galloped, and I stuck to it until he locked his knees, dropped his hindquarters and his neck, and I tumbled over his head. He dragged me down the road past three driveways, and I couldn't use my left hand for a month.

Fastforward two months. I took Chiefy boy out for the first time since the fall, with a saddle this time. He has no confidence whatso ever now! Everything makes him jump, he used to be able to walk past firetrucks with blaring sirens but now just seeing one makes him edgy. Sprinklers make him jump, shadows spook him, but the worst happened when we got onto the trail. A group of joggers tried to pass us from the front, he froze up and tensed. I patted his neck and shushed at him, tightening his reins. When they didn't slow down, he pivoted and took off... and narrowly missed falling into a ditch. Funny thing is... after they stopped and let us pass, he went through the tunnel that he's never ever gone through before since he put a hoof through the first tunnel we ever went in, and I'd had to avoid them since then. So, now I have to deal with a horsey with no confidence. Wish me luck.
Any advice? He refuses to woah now, too. We ride western.
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Oh no, that is so sad. How'd you get drug by a bareback pad though? Glad you're alright now. Poor Chief.

That is scary that he is so unpredictable now. If it were me, I would only work him in an arena for a while. You could try riding him in an arena, and have someone walk up, then if your horse wants to spook, distract your horse by making him turn or walk backwards. Distracting him may stop him from reacting to something that spooks him. But don't pet him until he actually calms down, otherwise you are telling him that is it okay to be afraid. Make sure that you don't tense up though because that in turn will make your horse more likely to spook.

One of my geldings gets a little hot sometimes when I ride him, so I have to stop, and turn him in small circles to get his focus back and to calm him down.

Maybe the reason why he went through the tunnel so easily, is that it didn't look as scary anymore, compared to the group of joggers. Be careful on this horse, an unsure horse is a dangerous one. Good Luck.
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I didn't get dragged by the pad (i dont use one), I got dragged by the reins because I refused to let go and let him run into traffic. We were at the end of my road, which connects to a busy road, and him running lose with split reins would've spelt trouble, so I kinda just held on until he stopped. He left spook-mode as soon as I started crying and whimpering, then he was pretty good and walked calmly back home with me.
We went out yesterday, and he seems to be back to his normal self. He's a bit edgy with bikes now, and he hasn't been before, but he's getting better. I just won't be going bareback for a while =P
We don't have an arena, or I would definatly try that. He's kept in my backyard, and all we have are two seperate fields for our two horses. We can lunge and ride, but it's like a round-pen and there's not much you can do other than endless tight circles at a walk/trot/canter.
He's a good boy, and I'm thinking it might've just been an off-day when it comes to that ride, but since I've only taken him out twice since the dog incident, I'll have to be more alert than I used to be. I'm so used to taking advantage of how docile he was, it's weird him being all jumpy like this.
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That's really dangerous to be drug by the reins like that... You should have let go, you could have been stepped on or killed. Horses are not dumb, I doubt he would have ran out into the traffic. He probably would have just stopped or turned and ran home. At least my horses would have, they know where home is, and they know it's safe there.

Is he listening now when you tell him "whoa"? How old is this horse?

Can you post pics of him? I'd love to see your boy.
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We were told he was seven when we bought him, but according to his teeth, he's at least thirteen.
I need one more post after this before I can post pictures =3
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Can't wait to see him. My friend has a Quarab mare, and she is so pretty, but such a brat. She is young though, so that is probably why she is so bratty haha.
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My baby boy's a 16 hand chestnut with a flaxen mane and a black-ish tail, his only marking is a star and some white hairs on the bridge of his nose. I just bought some MTG to get his mane tail and forelock longer, his tail touches the ground and his mane's decent, but his forelock's pathetic.
What do you think of the Parelli's and natural horsemanship? I don't know where I stand, I think some of it works and some of it's... crazy... =P
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Adolescent Pup
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if he is scared to go out why dont you do a join-up?

when you fell of and was holding onto the reins it was like you had left him and i could of lost faith in you now so thats why he could be spooking so much at eveything.

for join-up take him into a circular arena or use a lunging rope (with out would be better) and send him out but throwing the lunging line to his back end and keep your shoulders square with his and it would be like ur chasing him away which you are ament to do, next keep him going in a canter in a few circuits round the step infront of him and make him turn round and go the other way,

then once you see his inside ear point to you he is saying he wants to stop but keep him going until his head lowers and looks like he is chewing then turn side ways so u look no longer like ur chasing him and drop your eye contact and wait for him to walk up to you, then make a fuss over him and walk away let him follow you round for a while, you should of gained his trust back and then let him cool down and take him out show him ur not gonna let wht happen, happen again and keep doing join up and u will have a better relationship with him.

i learnt all this by watching monty robert do it and i really works, he did a join up with a wild horse and in the same day he could put a bridle and saddle and the wild horse and named him shyboy, look it up on the internet or youtube if you dont think its true

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R.I.P gerbil- Benny
R.I.P Hamster - Holly
R.I.P Gerbil- Badger
R.I.P Cat- Blacky
R.I.P bird- jem
Forever i will remeber and miss you
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i miss you tocco and the other babies
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That's my dad with him, his first time at the beach. Second time, he did amazing, he'll walk into the water and down the beach without a fuss. He doesn't trust my dad to lead him or ride him there though, only me, we haven't let my friends ride him either, for fear that he may spook.

That's him prancing in my yard, and my old horse Justice's butt's in the background. =P

Even though that one isn't the best quality, I love it. You can really see his muscles in it, or at least I can. =P

That's my loverly boy, the baby I'd die for. He's pretty much bomb-proof again, too ^ ^
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Oooo he is so pretty, just like I imagined him. Glad he's back to his normal self now. His mane looks really pretty in the second to last pic.
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How is it going with him so far? Just a thought perhaps he had no confidence because you had the "what if" thoughts that day being a while since he was ridden out. Was he ridden/worked at all while you were out of saddle? He may just have extra toots as well but it is hard not to think about what happened last time and Arabs at least IMO are very sensitive and may have felt a little uncertainty from his leader?
Hope all is well now!
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He's back to his perfect, angelic self now - thank god =P He's actually helping me school my neighbor's Appaloosa mare on getting street-wise now, he loves her and he's fine. My mom won't let me take him out bareback yet though, she says it's too risky. I keep stressing that it improves my seat, but she doesn't believe me!
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riding confidence horse

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