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Wink New horses (Long Post and Pictures)

Hi Everyone,
Okay so you may know that I had a 3 yr old Haflinger Gelding I was training for my brother. Well he decided he wanted a QH or Paint to start Barrel Racing and other speed events. So I got on the computer and was looking around for someone who may be wanting to trade their older child safe QH or Paint for him and actually this lady e-mailed me. lol She has a daughter that was wanting a smaller horse (My haflinger was 13.2 hh) and wanting to trade her horse. So she came out and looked at him and decided she would want to trade. So the next day she brought out Joker.
So Zachary now has a Little QH/Paint cross. lol

So a little about Joker first.
Show Name: Ima little Joker
Nickname: Joker
Age: 2 yrs old will be 3 in April.
Height: 14.2 hh.
Weight: 600 lbs (He is a little under weight but I'm working on that.) If you have any suggestions to help. Feel free to make them :0)
Breed: QH/Paint cross His Dam was a Reg. Halter QH and his Sire was a Reg. Barrel racing Paint.
Gender: Gelding
Desciplines: He was broke when he was 2. But has only beed lightly trail ridden.

It won't let me load the pics tonight but I will do it in the morning.

So thats the first new one I've gotten. Here's the next.
Okay so I posted not long ago that I had gotten the little TWH mare. Well we weren't right for each other. So a lady that was looking for a little TWH mare e-mailed me and suggested I come look at her horse and we try to trade (I have a barrel racing history and LOVE QH's and Paint's.) So I went and looked and him and fell completely in LOVE. He was everything I've wanted and more. And the great thing about him is that he was ridden English and Western (I'm attempting English). So she came and looked at Gypsy (my little TWH mare) and she LOVED her and told me she would be perfect. So we traded. This past Sat. I went and picked him up and brought him home. He is georgous and these pictures don't do him justice. But these pics were taken Sat. and he was still a little wond up from being moved and all that. So he wasn't wanting to stand still. So here is a little info about him and the pictures. Please let me know what you think.
Show Name: Cowboy Radience
nick name: Cowboy
Age: 12 yrs old
Height: 16.2hh
Weight: About 1400 lbs
Breed: tb/qh Cross
Gender: Gelding
Desciplines: He was trained as a Barrel and Ranch Horse. Then the lady I got him from was using him as a dressage and Jumping horse. For the last few months he has been a Trail horse.

So what do you think I should do with him? I know I will be Trail riding. But should I do barrels or what?

He is VERY Scared when riding in the trailor but will load fine. He is just extremely nervous. Anyone have any suggestions to help this?

Thanks so much And I hope you like him

Head shot

side view

rear end

Sde view

front legs

Head shot

This one is Joker and Cowboy

He was trying to steal Jeremy's chips lol

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He is so pretty!
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awww beautiful pics!! looks like the horse my mom had when i was a tot.

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Congrats on the new horses!
Cowboy is beautiful!

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Oh, Megan!!! Finally someone with more horse stories!!! CONGRATS! He looks great. Can't wait to see more pictures of Joker too! Looks like you found just what you have been looking for. Did you ride both horses before you traded? If you did, what did you think? I think once you ride Cowboy a little bit, you will just know what you will want to ride him in. You can ride both Western and English. I've seen it done. Can't do it yet, but I have seen it done! I'm just getting back into horses, so I have alot to learn. I am so happy for you. Keep those pictures and stories coming. I like long posts and lots of pictures (especially when it's about horses!) hee hee. Hurry with the pictures of Joker!
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Thanks everyone! Charlene (I hope I spelled that right )
I haven't ridden Cowboy yet. I don't ride horses before I get them (I'm just weird I guess haha) I wait on them to get used to me. But hopefully by this weekend I will be able to ride him
Joker, I am to big for lol (Because he is so young I don't like riding them at that age.) But both my 30 yr old brother (Who is a tad smaller than I) and my little brother (Who Joker belongs to) Have ridden him. And they love him! So here are some pictures. They aren't great. They were taken the day after I got him (he's already putting on weight). But this weekend I will get yall some more pictures. I think I am going to ride him English and Western (Cowboy that is) But I will probally show him in Barrel racing. But I don't know yet lol

This is Joker and my little brother. I know the halter is to big, but my brother picked it out for him and I figure he will grow into it (I don't leave halters on them when their turned out.) And also look over him being a little thin. He is now gaining weight.

<3My "Fur" Kids<3
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Awwe, looks like you have some pretty babies there! I can't wait for more pictures from you. Keep them coming. I can never get enough pictures of horses! Hee hee. I love your Avatar you made. Absolutely adorable! I'll be looking for your update on how Cowboy rides too! How exciting for you. We were looking forward to riding this weekend but the weather doesn't look like it is going to cooperate with us. I can't wait for better weather! Have fun!
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