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Question Paint horse experts here?

This lady who boards at the same barn I do brought a beautiful red buckskin/white paint horse mare to our barn. It's only 4 years old, very green broke and just was seperated from her baby and bred back . She's pregnant, for sale, and this is the dissapointing part- she only has 1 eye. Apparently she had an accident and they removed it. Her price is 4500.00
I can't really afford another horse , and I in no way wanted a baby- but they knew I was just crazy about her and they said I could have her for 2000.00 and 3 months training included(I guess she really is green!), and the owner would take the baby she would have. Well, I really can't get a second horse no matter how much I like her and how pretty she is.I know she has Skippa or Skipper in pedigree, she has nice conformation, a white face, and alot of red with a big patch of white. I think she's nicely marked but I know nothing about paints. She is big too at 16 hands another thing why I like her. Any way what do you think a horse like that is worth with 1 eye minus the baby?Just curous.
I know the lady bought her because she wanted her first baby- but it was a package deal, she did not want the poor 1 eyed mom.
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The poor thing she's pregnant AND green! I do wish I could help more. I know tons about horses...except what they're worth... Green horses would be cheaper than already trained, simple logic. But with 3 months don't know how quickly she'll be trained or how broke she'll be. It's really hard to tell. Also, it'd take longer with an older horse cuz you'd have to break all of her bad habits.

How friendly is she? I'd hate humans after all she's gone through!

I'd ask for more info...
Any pictures so we can drool? Gosh if only I had money and a barn I'd get a ride to PA to get her! ^^;;; I am SO desperate...

You could ask some Paint breeders online. They could prob help you.
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I only have been admiring her in the pasture, I may get my hands on her next week and maybe ride her. She seems friendly but she jsust got here last week and you know how some horses will behave so nicely when they're new to a barn.
I do plan on bringing my camera up to barn next week, so I'll try and get a picture. I think she's getting dirty though, we've been getting some rain lately. Maybe Scarlette would have an idea what she's worth. I think it's hard to say unless you really know more about the breeding- most people would just want her for a brood mare.
Wouldn't it be funny if someone on this forum wanted her.
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Two thousand dollars for a one eyed, green broke horse sounds a bit much to me, but I'm in Michigan and horse prices vary from state to state. I would like to see a pic to be able to give you a fair judgement.

I had a red overo paint with tons of chrome (white) but she was a terrible cribber. I traded her for a registered bay paint colt plus I was given $500. The guy that I traded her to took her to PA and got $1700. Mind you she was 5 years old, 15hh, and I had her well broke. She also did very well in the show ring when I had her.

As far as this horse only having one eye....what are your plans for her? Depending upon how long ago the accident happened, she will adjust to being able to see on one side only. Since the eye was actually removed you probably won't be able to show her since points will be deducted due to the cosmetic issue, but as far as trail riding she should be fine.

I had a horse that was blind in one eye but I was able to show him since he still had his eye and the blindness wasn't obvious. In the riding classes he tended to drift away from the rail when it was on his blind side, but he would trust me enough when I would cue him to move over closer to it.

You will probably have a little problem with that until you gain the horse's trust but I'm sure you'll do just fine. Always remember to speak to her when approaching her from her blind side too.

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I'm not going to buy her, the thought was fun but I really can't afford boarding 2 horses it would be just too much. If I did buy her it would of been for trail riding only. They know I like her and told me I could have her for 2000.00 and the owner would take the baby after it was weaned.
I'm going to try and get pictures today, she's probably a muddy mess since it's been raining for days and she's pasture board.
I know when I lived in NJ Paints were very expensive to get, I knew people would travel to another state to get them cheaper. Out here in PA I'm not very sure how much they are. Seems people out here like Walking horses and all the gaited horses are popular, unless they're into dressage- those folks like the Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds. I'm in a barn of about 40 horses and theres only 2 QH here- in NJ most the horses would be QH, throughbred and some Arabs too.Unless you were at a "fancy"dressage barn- than it would be warmbloods.
But hopefully I can post her picture soon, she's kind of skinny too.
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