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Talking Update: MzKitty Please looky

As some of you know I have a mare that's in foal. I just wanted to let everyone know how it's going...She is as big as a house lol But no baby yet... She gave me quite a scare a few weeks ago. She had some bloody discharge and when I called the vet they said " I don't want to worry you or anything but she might have miscarried" Well of course that had me all upset and worried to death. Come to find out she had a "False Lobor" Due to her age, her body is wanting to start preparing for the baby but I guess she isn't wanting to. But as soon as I have a baby there will be millions of pictures... hehe

On to my other critters hehe

I don't know if I have mentioned it but I have banie Chickens. Well I have some babies hatch about a month and a half or so ago. Their were 7 of them, then when they were a 2 weeks old, 2 died. I have no itea how. But now the 5 left are big and all grown up. Beautiful babies.. 3 hens and 2 roasters. Then after that I have one more hen have just one baby and when it was a week old it died, no idea why.

Well then I went outside a couple days later and guess what another baby..haha It is now 3 weeks old and getting big and healthy..

And then I went outside a week ago and guess what?? Two more babies lol They are still doing great!

When me and my fiance were outside yesterday we kept hearing something chirping..He thought it was a baby bird but I got to looking around and you won't believe what I found???
FIVE more babies!!! OMG

Needless to say these were all from different Hens. I don't believe in locking my chickens up so they have the run of the farm and are more like pets because I can go out there and pick them up and play with them and they don't mind at all. But since they don't get locked up they are hiding their nests everywhere... I think I still have 3 hens sitting on eggs.. No I do not breed them to sale and wasn't trying to have any babies at all. I have always had big chickens and got eggs from them to eat. But I moved out for a couple months and while I was gone my dad sold my chickens because they stopped laying (He said it was because I wasn't around lol) But when I moved back in, I told him I wanted some more chickens and he's like why don't we get some banies ( since we had never had any) So we got some from my Grandfather. And they have babies like crazy lol. I mainly got them for the few eggs and as pets.. But I ended up having lots of babies.. But I will not sale them. They will have a home here forever. But I will rehome some of the roasters so I don't have to many of them.

Now on to the cattle.
We have been having a hard time with the cattle. The calf that was born here last year and we raised got sick on us.. The vet said she had phemonia (sp?) and we gave her the medichine they told us to give her but we ended up loosing her.

We also have a few cattle that were due to calve..
And sure enough I have a baby! Born yesterday evening.. hehehe
A solid black heifer calf (female).

Well I think that all thats happened so far... I will get some pictures on here just as soon as I can.

As for Soda, Mzkitty I told her to hurry but she's content to take her time. I'll keep trying to persuade her lol

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you are having quite a time with those animals hehe, sounds like fun with all the babies, i miss the farm for that kind of stuff


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Wow! You weren't kidding when you said you had alot going on at the farm! I'm so sorry you lost the little calf. Poor little guy. Sounds like he just wasn't strong enough. Now, the chicks, sounds like they are coming out of the wood work! Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick! Too funny. I love it. How fun it must be to find new little chicks running around. Shasta is going to wait until we give up and THEN she will have her baby. That is how they do it you know. They don't want anyone watching. Hee hee. Thanks so much for the update. Can't wait to see pictures of all of your new babies on the farm. Yippee!
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our horse fashy, we used to check on every 20 mins when she was supposed to have her baby, every time she had her baby in the 20 mins we weren't there.... they are sneaky those horses


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