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Bats.. sad ending :(

We had a family of bats living somewhere really close to us, but our next door neighbour's cat got them all, one by one

I phoned the Bat Protection people and they said all I could do is ask the neighbour to keep her cat in an hour before and after dusk, but it was no good the cat had already caught the last one, she wouldn't have listened anyway.
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oh sad!!! i love bats...they are sooo cute! when i worked one summer at the university in my home town we always had to rescue bats that flew in at was my fav. job and i did it EVERY morning happily i grew to really like the bats (i'm convinced the same 6 snuck in each nite).... that's too bad her kitty got them though
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Here in the US, most bat roosts house hundreds of bats. Even those little tiny bat houses you can buy often house dozens upon dozens of little bats in them. It is amazing how they pack in there like little, fuzzy, brown sardines. Where I am, there are several large bat roosts and you can go out at dusk and see millions of bats all leaving the roost at the same time. It is really quite amazing.

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My dad got a bat roost to help keep the mosquitos at bay. The one I lovingly called "the mama bat" (it was rather large for a little brown bat) would fly around the security lamp post at night.

The junior high I went to was built in 1960 and they redid the ceiling when I was in 8th grade. We soon became known as the "bat school". Apparently their were quite a few nests (if that's what you call them) in the ceilings throughout the building, and they made themselves known during movies and such when the lights were down and the window shades were pulled.
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oh thats really sad. I had a friend who had bats living in her Dads barn. They're lovely creatures
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