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more babies...

my dad found four baby birds a few days ago. I think their sparrows, but I'm not 100% sure. I've been feeding them bugs and hamburger. I'm kinda going broke buying crickets, so I'm gona switch to hamburger and dog food. (anyone know if thats ok?) but I'll keep you updated on the little guys...

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I would say that as far as dog food goes, just either give them wet food, or wet it down with some water or maybe even milk. Keep in mind what adult birds in your area eat, and go from there. Maybe try some small pieces of soft fruit, like melon or bananas or something. I'm no expert, but that's what I would try. Good luck. Hope they all survive.
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I'd say that it should be ok too feed them that, providing you remember that they're only young and their parent would re-gurgitate their food up for them and feed them in their mouth. As long as it's nice and mushy and easy for them too swallow then i don't see what the problem, if you have any concerns, the best thing too do is call an animal shelter for advice or contact your vets.

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Once I took care of some baby sprarrows, and I was just so totally lost that I broke down and went and bought this disgusting, but "correct" birdie food. You had to, like, microwave it, and it was all..........lumpish...
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They look like robins to me, but I could be wrong, it's just every baby robin I've seen was flumpy, grey, and had big yellow mouths.
Do a little research on them,if they are indeed sparrows then you probably shouldn't be feeding them all that protein.
I've completely forgotten how to tell what to feed them just by looking at them, all I really remember is if they keep their mouths closed and shut then they eat seeds and you have to "force" it down their throats which can be really really dangerous, but they look like gappers to me =)
Important things you should know, Don't feed them bread, milk or eggs, or give them water to drink, they should get plent of mositure from their food.
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animal shelter, baby birds, dog food, wet food

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