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My crazy summer (Geese and Moose)

This spring, I found an abandoned Canadian Gosling, and raised him for about two weeks before I could find a rehab center that would take them. During that time, I tried to reintroduce him to a goose family in a nearby lake. Didn't go so well...he was running away from them screaming for me.

Well I turn around and theres this huge moose standing behind me and I stood stock still, realizing she had two newborn babies behind her then her ears go FLAT back and I'm thinking Sh*t! So as she charges me I drop my camera, scoop up Nacho (the gosling) and one-arm it up the nearest birch tree. Every time I went down she charged at me again. Eventually some guy cam by and distracted her until I could run the other way. *whewh*

I also adopted a kitten this summer....and a 13 y/o Max. Pionus who is completely psycotic. He talks up a storm, waits for you to get close and lashes out at you. But then...he freaks and flock calls when you leave the room. Crazy!

So here is Nacho being cute

Running away from his parents

Falling asleep in his brooder as a tiny baby
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oh my gosh, i wish that'd happened to me, i mean the finding a poor abandoned baby. I love helping things, i'm always on the lookoout for abandoned things, i dunnno, i wish i could do it for a living

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude." - Amy Tan
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Nacho is so cute!

That must of been exciting! To raise up a beautiful gosling.I love geese!

I found a duck egg once (yrs ago...I was a teenager) and tried to take care of it and keep it warm and was succeeding,however one day me being forgetful,had the egg in my lap and forgot and stood up and the egg broke.I felt soooo horrible!

* Lisa *

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OMG, Nacho is so cute!

Did he go with his parents or do you still have him?
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The baby is beautiful, but I have to be "one of those" (I can't help it!!) and become a teacher for a minute. The proper term is "Canada Goose". I know this because I had my nose dragged through it so many times it was raw when my family and I raised a flock of 7 of the messy little cuties! (With a successful release in a cemetary pond)

OHMYGOSH - I don't think I would have handled the moose very well, and I know I couldn't have got my big behind up a tree! Good for you! You're a survivor!

I hope that no one out there ever gets the idea that you get anything more than personal satisfaction, heartbreak, and a lower bank balance from rehabbing wildlife. I wouldn't swap the years I did it for anything, but the few contributions I got came no where close to covering the costs incurred! I do have some wonderful pictures, memories in my heart that will stay there forever, and a tattoo of a raccoon I raised on my ankle that are all priceless. But it's like getting involved with any other animal. Do you continue to take in wildlife (realizing that most of the time if you "find" it, it is because Mom knows best and has kicked it out of the nest) or a new pet knowing that you are going to fall in love with it and at some point something will happen and break your heart or do you choose not take it in, not love and keep your heart intact? I've always chosen the love route myself.

And don't think I'm being a Mrs. Humbug, please. Wildlife can be so rewarding, but unless you luck up and find a position with a zoo or wildlife facility there sure isn't any money in it!! (And if you find something and need any advice I'm glad to help if I can.)



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