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Red face My opossum clark. need info.

Hi. I have a opposum clark. I saved her from my cats mother when she was a newborn. I'ved raised her for a long time and she is really dependent on humans. now she is about 6 months old. I'm afraid to let her go because I don't think she could defend for herself. Now befor anyone goes trash talking me like other people on this site, I won't say any names, If you don't know the awnser to my question, don't post her. all I want to is how my mom can get a license to keep her legaly. I need to know where to get an Indiana license to keep her because I live in indiana. thank you. here is a pick of her.

Note: her name is Clark because I had too but so I named then lewis and Clark but lewis escaped and Clark turned out to be a girl.
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Please i'm beggin for help
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You need to get in touch with the Fish and Wildlife Department for your state (if there isn't a local office you'll need to go to the state capital). The laws for wildlife differ from state to state. I don't know much about opossums - not sure if they carry rabies, etc. In some states it is totally illegal to keep any sort of wildlife as a pet, in some states you can actually buy a wild animal to keep as a pet.

I am not trashing you, but I hope you think of what is the appropriate thing for the animal. A "wild" animal deserves to live his life as he is supposed to - with others of his kind. You say you don't think he could fend for himself at this point but that may not be the case. I urge you to find a local wildlife rehabilator who has experience with opossums, preferably someone who has one or more. He/she would quickly learn how to act like a wild animal with the influence of others. If you can't find a rehabber I would suggest that you see if you could place him in a nature center.

When this little guy hits sexual maturity your sweet little baby is going to change completely. Those guys have vicious teeth and know how to use them. And regardless of how he acts now he isn't going to be your friend then.

I'M NOT TRASHING YOU!!!! I was a rehabber for several years and know what I'm talking about. I KNOW the attachment that can be formed; I've cried several times when I released animals. I know the feeling of having loved and cared for a wild animal then have to have it put to sleep because it bit me and it had to be checked for rabies. I've watched animals pace back and forth in their cages because their internal clocks were telling them that it was time to have a mate. Sometimes you have to love them enough to let them go.

Please let me know what happens. I never loved an opossum but I've loved other animals and I care what happens to both of you.


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thankyou for your help. I can use that info. oh and don't worry, that was no trashing. thankyou.
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You may also call a local exotic vet and ask if they have any good contacts for you. They may have a list of rehabilitation centers that could take her.
Be careful. Hormones make sweet babies change drastically as they mature.
Like Crittercall said - it would be heartbreaking to have to euthanize her if you get bit - please contact someone soon that can guide you properly.

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Can i just ask what happens to your oppossum in the winter because they like to burrow down and stay there for a few days......what are you keeping your wild/tamed oppossum in?

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