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visiting wild duck

a wild duck flies into our swimming pool (salt walter pool) on a daily basis. She appears to be quite tame and responds to me very well. I called her Nina. Up do now I always gave her some bread as a treat. Now I know this is a very bad thing to do. I don't mind Nina visitng us on a daily basis and I would like to continue giving her some treats. Nina could like permanently with us if she wishes.
What treat could I give her (I just can't resist) in order to keep her safe? I live in Australi and I don't mind buying something if I would know which food is safe.
Does anoyone has a suggestion?
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When I visited Nova Scotia in Canada (I live an hour and a half plane ride from it) there were strict rules in the parks not to feed bread or anything to the ducks and stuff there because it ruins their motivation to go migrate which in turn ruins them as a species or something {here in Newfoundland people feed them all the time and so they live here year round, I see no problem with it but I guess eventually it might}

Anyway, I would advise against feeding a wild duck but since she's already there she cannot mate (or do whatever males need to do to fertilize her eggs) - and if she does then you'll have a larger problem on your hands.
As for food, you can feed them barley, oats and corn, peas, duck feed (available at farm supply stores and some pet stores) and cut up grapes apparantly. >>

That link also states why it's bad to fed bread... A WAY better reason than the patrol at Nova Scotia give!!
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thanks for your reply. The duck flew in regularly before I fed her. I only fed her 3 times so far but she (or he) comes back. i think they just enjoy the swimming pool and the quiet atmosphere. At times they came together but lately only once came.
thanks for your feedback with the food. I try not to feed her regularly but at times I just can't assist. She tends to sleep for a while in the corner of the swimming pool, rests along side the pool and after roughly 2 hours she is gone again to come back the next day.
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healthy treat?

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