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What repels mice?

I don't know where else to ask this question. The neighbour living a couple of doors down from an acquaintence cleaned out the garage at the back of his house and it was full of mice. These mice, looking for another place, found a hole under a sidewalk and gained access to this person's house. She has humanely trapped them and released them but this has been going on for two months and she's certain that they're coming in somewhere else. She has gone all around her house and can't find any way they could come in. How small a hole do they need? Someone said 1/4 inch if they'e young .Do they climb on roofs and go down chimneys? She doesn't want to kill them and asked if I knew of any way to repel them so they wouldn't want to come in to her house . ( It appears they're above the ceiling tile in the basement). I said I didn't but I'd ask. Any ideas?
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I think you can get your house sprayed for mice, like you do for spiders etc. We had a big mouse problem where we used to live and they'll get in anywhere! Our neighbour had chickens and veyr long grass, the mice would live there and then once every blue moon they'd cut their grass and all the mice would come running into our house for shelter. I never got my house sprayed for mice cause I had pet mice at the time but I'm sure you can ring up a pest control and they can do it. We caught a few humanely and let them go but they just seemed to come right back. In the end I couldn't cope with wild mice running around the house (I was worried that our pet mice would catch a disease from them) and bought some poison. It slowed down the mice problem a lot, even though I felt horrible about doing it.

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well... i don't like that qustion at all i have three mice pet mice well get little owl statues that mite keep them away hee hee
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Originally Posted by pandamiranda7 View Post
well... i don't like that qustion at all i have three mice pet mice well get little owl statues that mite keep them away hee hee
The majority of us here have pet mice and rats but wild ones are still a pest and they are a pain when they get into your house and chew your furniture etc and nobody wants that!!!!

As for deterring them i have no idea as i have never had this problem (YET!!) maybe someone like Lisa who has had wild mice could help you....she will no doubt see this thread and reply lol good luck getting rid of them xx

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This is an OLD thread but honestly the most humane way to get rid of mice is snap traps.
I know people think that catching them and releasing them is humane but really it's not. You have to take the mice FAR away from your house or they'll re enter. When you do take them far away it is very stressful on the animal and you run the risk of introducing them into other colonies that are VERY territorial. Mouse fights are NOT pretty and they usually end in death. Also rodents learn their territory. They learn where things are such as food and predators. If you introduce a rodent into a new territory they won't know where predators are and they won't know where food it. They'll run a huge risk of starving to death or getting killed or injured by a predator.
Cats aren't a good idea either when it comes to deterring mice. They don't kill the mouse instantly, they just play with it, which can result in broken limbs and injuries.
I did hear that those ultrasonic things you plug into wall outlets do work, but they're not a good idea if you have other pets in the house. They'll just go insane by the noise.
If there is an infestation in the actual house, snap traps, if set correctly are very affective and they kill instantly. They break the vertibrae at the base of the skull, by the time the pain has registered the mouse is already dead. They aren't flawless but they do work most of the time.
I just want to add also that I don't like to see animals die but sometimes what looks to be the most humane way really isnt. Just my 2 cents
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Old thread.

There is time stamps in the upper left hand corner of each post.

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