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Afraid of 3 Degus Biting

I really need help. I've got 3 wonderful male Degus, their so tame, if I stand in their cage they'll sniff my feet and if I lower my hand in they'll start to climb onto it. BUT. I have a HUGE fear their going to bite me. They sniff my fingertips and when I wear the glove which I use to pick them up, theyll bite that, but when my bare hand is holding them after I've got them out, their perfectly fine, they'll eat seeds off my shoulder, head, run up my sleeves, sit for about a minute being stroked, they truly are so sweet... I know if I pick them up with my bare hands, they won't bite me but I just have that doubt of ... What if they do..? D: I have a wooden bracelet i wear and when i want to get one out with my bare hands, i get them intrested in chewing on that and then slide my hand under them and swoop them out. Their so sweet i can put my arm at the top of their cage (Its open topped- dont worry, its degu proof! ^^) and theyll stand on their shelf and leap onto my arm! I just need reassurance here that their not gonna bite, ive read horror storys where they can chomp to the bone I'm fine with my guinea pigs as I know guinea pigs hardly ever bite, my hamster I use a glove for like I do the Degus (She bites when she's in her cage, out of it she's lovely) But I know my Degus won't bite... Please help me overcome my fear!

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I had a problem with one of my degu's after she bit me (my fault, I ran before I could walk), so I understand your fear. I wouldn't go near her after, and she was the same with me.
But my partner picks her up fine, and this helped my confidence a lot. He would hold her and stroke her and she was calm with him, so I continued to watch him and now I pick her up occasionally.
Still building myself up, I still worry, but I'm getting much better and so is she.
I'd say watch another trusted person with them, it will renew your confidence that they are gentle

They all sound brilll!
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Thank you!! I remembered seeing the pet shop people pick them up easily, including the one thats slightly more shy, and he was find Although i still pull my hand away when they sniff it on my fingertips, i can gently slide my hand under them without a glove
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yeah, pet shops usualy put things on their hands like sawdust and food so the animals will go on them i usually give them my finger nails and when they bite my finger it usually means they are hungry so i feed them millet.and they are fine. it is a sign of affection when they nibble your fingernails, do you keep your nails trimmed because if you do they will just go for your fingertips.
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Little bites (which can hurt a little ) are signs of love by your degus... They are grooming you. I let my degus bite my fingers and nails... They overdo it sometimes just like when they are grooming each other.

Strong bites (which can draw blood) occur very very rare and happen due to stress...
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Hi. I am learning about degu's but I can put up a few things I did that built up my comfort level with them and won their trust.

My cage has widely spaced bars (but is degu proof) so I could put my finger in. They would sniff it and yes sometimes nip...It was usually exploratory. If it's getting bad, a gentle puff of air on their face is a real deterrant as well as making an "eek" sound and maybe saying no. If they figure out that you'll pull away if they bite, they may do it more frequently. I hear that a lot with birds too. They learn very quickly that the negative things get the best reactions, and they keep doing it.

Move slowly, offer treats and just build up your confidence. I have only been bit once and it wasn't hard. Degu's seem legitimately sweet tempered.
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