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bald spots on both degus

Hello! I am new to the site and also a new(ish) degu owner. About 6-7 months ago my daughter and I adopted two degus, a male and a female. Not knowing much on the little guys at first I did copious amounts of reading and found out from the info and by observing the little critters what amazing little pets they are!

Recently my female (Isabella) became pregnant and gave birth to 6 seemingly healthy pups. Everything I read said to keep both parents in the same cage as they both make excellent parents. A few of the pups were venturing out of their nests after only a few days. We made sure to give them lots of privacy and did not touch the pups at all. About a week after giving birth I went to check and there was no pups to be found... I assume they ate them? Now I have noticed a bald patch on both of my degus. Isabella has one on her face and Loki, my male, has one on his back in between the shoulder blades.

I've changed the cage, provided clean timothy hay, water and fresh veg and herbs and flowers as well as grains and oats on a daily/weekly basis.

my questions are, why would they eat their babies? And would this cause the hair loss, and is there anything I can do to make them happier as to stop the balding?
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Degus only eat their babies if they are dead to keep predators from finding the nest. It's unlikely they all died at once, and you should have found blood and bits of dead bodies. Is there any way they might have escaped from the cage?

It is true that both mother and father make excellent parents but the male needs to be separated from the female – females can get pregnant immediately after giving birth. This is very dangerous for the mother.

The bald patches on your goos could be due to stress – they are known to suffer from alopecia. Seeing that your message was posted a couple of weeks ago, I'd expect their fur has begun to grow back by now.

Feel bad that I didn't catch your post way earlier. For future reference, there are degu-specific forums including deguworld and degutopia where you would usually get a response within 24 hours (often right away) to any issues you may be having.

How are your degus doing now?
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Hi thanks for your reply. I've searched the house high and dry and no baby degus to be found. I also didn't see any bones or bloody bits in their cage, tho I didn't really search, I just kinda went through to make sure no little creatures were hiding under the bedding. I recently bought them a new cage because I had noticed they were chewing on the bars. They seem much happier now, but I guess I'm still a little perplexed on the missing babies. Thanks for the info, maybe I'll try asking on one of the other forums you mentioned.
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Did you ever find them?
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Nope! Never did.
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bald patch, pregnancy

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