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Question brisky degu pellets

Has anyone tried the brisky degu pellets with their degus? I have been feeding mine the recommended 50/50 chin/gp food, but most has molasses in it which I understand is not that healthy for degus. Mine also have a tendency to eat the dried peas, carrots, seeds and such and leave the pellets. Does anyone have any feeding suggestions to get them to eat the pellets? I always pick out the raisins that are in the chin food and save them for treats for my other furries. Back to the brisky stuff, it isn't supposed to have any sugar in it. I wonder if they'd eat it? I also try to give my girls an orange and green veggie 3 or 4 times a week. :blob4:
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I just bought Brisky and mine (8 degus) like it, they are not thrilled about it.
I also feed chinchilla pellets from Oxbow and Gerti Guinea pig food (Russell). The added glucose syrup to Gertie and I wrote to the company and was told that there is ony a minimal amount in the yellow banana biscuits which you could pick out to be on the safe side. These brands are pretty good and lots of degu owners feed Gertie, no raisins and such in it.
Please feed them also lots of quality Timothy hay, the the most important part of their diet. Mine like dried tomatoes, dried bell pepper, dried herbs, dried flowers (chamomille, calendula)

Iīm worried about molasses as well. It should be better than syrup and sugar though because it needs to be broken down and doesnīt go directly into the blood.

If your degus donīt eat all of their food, you should feed less but make sure that they always have lots of fresh Timothy hay available.
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Thanks for the help. I was thinking about trying the degu food but wasn't sure.
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We've been using brisky. They eat it just fine, but it's what they were getting at the pet shop, too, so it's what they are used to.

You can always try mixing some in with the gp/chin pellets until they get used to it. Then feed them just the brisky.
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Mine don't like the pellets in Gerty either. And I always wonder what nutritious stuff I'm removing when I pick out the yellow moons. I am not thrilled about Brisky - my goos like it fine, but it has animal tallow which seems creepy to feed them. Has anyone tried exoticnutrition's pellets? I'm thinking of trying some next paycheck.
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