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Post Degu Diet?

I just wanted to know if anybody has any recommendations on an actual "diet" for degus. My husband and I got 2 degus about 6 months ago, and we have been giving them a mixture of guinea pig and chin pellets, and they seemed to be doing very well on this, as well as fresh Timoth Hay, and various vegetables. Since I've joined here I have seen alot of posts on variety of diets. My male (Benny) seems to be loosing some weight, now we were thinking maybe it is because he is finally getting on the wheel after all these months and working some of it off, but we are also hoping it isn't due to his diet and maybe something we have done on our part. I love my degus as well as all my pets for that matter, and yes there are plenty of different views on what they should and shouldn't eat, and I know what to stay away from as far as sugars and that goes, but what I am looking for is any advice on other diets maybe that is why Benny is loosing the weight. Thanks to anyone that can help, and you will see alot of posts from me either about degus, chinnies, or guinea pigs, as we have them all and are fairly new to raising them. Thanks again.
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I feed my degus a mixture of Mazuri Chinchilla and Guinea Pig Pellets we also add oats and a few sunflower seeds in it.
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I feed my degu, Chili, about a tablespoon of guinea pig food daily and a couple of sunflower seeds as treats. She also gets a small handful of timothy hay. I went to, a website on care tips for degus, when I first got Chili.

The bad thing is she's strange; she doesn't like veggies (broccoli, green bean, carrot)! I'm still trying to find a sugar free veggie she'll eat!!
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I feed my degus mazuri chinchilla pellets and guinea pig pellets mixed 50/50 and loose hay and occasionally a hay cube, as they like to chew on them.
For treats, they sometimes get fresh dandelion leaves or spinach leaves, sometimes a small piece of carrot or sweet potato (now, you have to be careful which is which, I know in Canada, the Yams are orange and Sweet potatoes are yellow, but yams are a BIG no-no, as they are so high in sugar). Once in a rare while I will give them a 1/2 a shelled peanut, just for their enjoyment, as well, once in a while, a lab block (for rats). Hve to be careful with the lab blocks, as they do contain a bit of sugar. Oh, and of course, all time favorites, dried pasta noodles and plain cheerios
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Post Thank You

Thank you for your replies, I see for the most part, that e1 seems to be feeding their degus about the same thing, so I guess I am feeding them right, and Benny must be slimming up from finally getting on the wheel after all these months. However I will continue to keep an eye on him. It is always nice to get other ppl's opinions, Thx again
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