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Degu Nails

So I finally saw some degus in person the other day! I was at the Columbia mall with my boyfriend getting his gerbils and, low and behold, they actually had degus. I've never seen any there before, but I'm also not up there very often. They were as cute as I always thought (though they were charging an arm and a leg: $59.99!!) While I wasn't looking to buy any that day, I did want to try and get some contact with them. This leads to a question for anyone with degus. When one of the store workers opened up the cage, he warned me that their nails were really sharp. I didn't take him as seriously as I should have though. Wow...those nails were like little daggers! One of 'em ran across my hand and gave me a nice slice across my pinkie. So my question is, do all degus have that sharp of nails? I would assume these weren't some exceptional case. So is there something you do to keep them dulled down some? I can't imagine trying to hold on of them still long enough to trim their nails.
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My degus have sharp nails as well, what we have done is to run their paws "very" lightly across a nail file. I wouldn't think that you would be able to clip them.

If you are interested in a degu please don't buy them from a pet store, there are three degu breeders right here in Md. (PM me if you are interested and I will send you the one girls information). Also they are way overpriced in the pet store, they are asking $59.00 for one, I paid less than that for a pair from a breeder.
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Oh I wasn't planning to buy them from a pet store...I've asked around before about breeders in MD. This was just a chance encounter at the store in Columbia. Like I said, no matter how much I like them I really can't get them right now. I'd come to that conclusion while I had the four ferrets, and now I also have the rescue as well. I figure I need to settle into my new work schedule and make sure my other kids are getting enough playtime before adding anything else to the pack.
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My degus also have quite sharp claws. What I have heard is that putting a stone parrot ledge in their cage will keep them nice and short. Although I have not tried this myself, it does seem to make sense, and I plan on it in the future. Hope this helps.


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