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Degus and chinchilla question

I have read that Chinchillas and degus can be kept together. Is this true? If it is does the sex matter in either species, for instance Male chins and female degus? I don't believe they could cross breed but could the female degu estrus cycle cause problems between 2 male chins or since they are different species would they even recognize it?
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This is one of those contreversial questions, you will get different answers from different people.
When I got my first chinnie, he had a degu living with him with no trouble what so ever. I do not believe there is anything wrong with it personally, but I got so much flack from some people that I stopped, and they were SO HEARTBROKEN! I think the only concern is the food, what I did for that, Is I fed them mazzuri and the Blocked guinea pig pellets, they would take the blocks out and hide them, so the chins never got them anyways, but as i said, you will get different opinions
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Oh that sounds priceless Ten, must have been soo cute
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Well, I hadn't tried it yet because I wanted some opinions on the subject first. I feed my chins Mazuri chin pellets. I have given them to the degus as well. Is there more Vit. C in Guinea Pig pellet than chin pellets? If so I don't understand because I have read many times that chins need the extra Vit C to keep their teeth healthy.
I may try putting them in for a while today while I can watch them to see how everyone reacts. I didn't know because Degus are suppose to be daytime animals while chins are more active at night as well. That and the size difference:-)
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Degus shoould receive a 50/50 mix of both mazzuri and guninea food...

if you are planning on housing them together, try to find the guinea BLCOKS because the chinnies will leave those alone
good luck
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What are guinea blocks? I have never heard of them.
I would like to know that too. Do you mean the Mazuri rodent blocks (some call them Lab blocks)?
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no, perhaps these are only available in canada, they are small whitish beige blocks of food for hamsters and guina pigs.. they are only available in smal bags.. i will try to find the info for you, but it has been some time since I bought them, since my degus have new owners
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I tried putting them together but they didn't like each other. Both the degus and the chins acted like they were afraid of each other. I can understand the degus feeling that way but I wouldn't think the chins would. Anyway I seperated them so it wouldn't stress either out. Maybe cages close to each other for a while might help so they can get to know one another without having contact.

guinea pig, guinea pig pellets, lab block, lab blocks

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