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degus with hamsters

I am new to owning a degu. We only have one female named Gizmo and understand that she should have a companion. Can you put a hamster with her? She is very gentle and thought maybe a hamster would work. We kind of hate to get a guinnea pig because they seem to smell worse.
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Why don't you just get another degu? They're really better off with their own kind...hamsters are solitary and the degu's alot bigger and might hurt it.


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I agree, get another Degu. Not only are their diet requirements different... but hamsters are very solitary creatures.
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can't find degus

We thought about putting a hamster with our degu because we haven't been able to find another degu. I have called pet shops in our area and none of them carry them. We know she is lonely because she weeps so we want to do something. The pet shops suggested a guinea pig. I do have a question about that: Gizmo is a female so do we need to get a female guinea pig or does it matter? Would a male try to mate with her?
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Oh dear. I doubt he'd try to mate with her.. but I really don't know. Wouldn't have to worry about babies? I'd stick with another degu, really.. not quite sure how any other animals would be with her - I wouldn't want to take the chance without an extra cage, just in case they need to be seperated.
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Hi, you can try or net? or try, there are classfiedsDegus should be with their own kind, thatīs really sad that you donīt find one.
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Degu's can get along with Rabbits and Chinchilla's as well(I have a Degu plus them). But they are BEST partnered with another Degu. If you cannot find another one in a pet store(They are often seldom there) look for a breeder in your area, or, around your area, if possible.
Hamsters(Syrians) are very solitary animals and need to live alone. Even though your Degu may be friendly, it could very easily hurt the Hamster, or even the Hamster hurt it.
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clearing a few things up.

Degus have a very specific diet. Go to that's where I found all the information about them!

-Hamster food would be too fatty and rich/sweet for Degus, who can't have much/any sugar, as they become diabetic very easily.

-Hamsters are nocturnal but Degus are diurnal (awake during the day like humans).

-Degus can't have sawdust, hamsters have it in their cages

-Degus may (they don't know yet) need Vitamin C in their diet, like guinea pigs, but hamsters synthesise their own in their bodies.

-Degus live A LOT longer than hamsters

-Degus need a lot of space to run around in, pref. a 70x40x70 cm cage. Made of metal wiring. Hamsters normally go in a a smaller plastic cage.

-Degus enjoy to 'talk' to each other, and groom. I don't think hamsters speak Degu-ese...

I hope this helped
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