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Fun Pets looking for trouble stories

One of my degus (when I had two) kept trying to climb up my fish bowl, and despite my efforts to stop her, she eventually fell in. Of course she climbed right back out again, but she was SOAKED! Of course, the next time I saw her climbing there, thought she didn't learn her lesson, but she DID! She held on to the edges, and would let herself down to drink from the fidh tank. Gross, but clever!
Not to mention the time she tried running around a corner on my desk, and sliiped right off the edge! lol She Falls off stuff alot, THAT she NEVER learns!!!
What about you guys? What kind of trouble do your pets get into?
Anything particularly amazing? You've probably told them before, but I'm just a playful pup, and I'd love to rea them!
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When I have mine out (usually in the bathroom because they can get into the least amount of trouble in there), they usually chew everything they can find. They'll chew the paint right off the walls (they'll tip off little pieces). Sometimes if I make a loud noise, they'll stop but lately they'll keep right on chewing on the wall until I go pick them up and put them somewhere else.

I wouldn't even *want* to know how much trouble they'd get into if they weren't in the bathroom.
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Once a couple years ago I was outside giving Hikaru and Ichigo's cage a good scrubbing. I had them inside in a small wire hamster cage which I used to transport them and such. I came back and Hikaru greeted me, lol. She had openned the door to the cage. Ichigo was on top of the cage playing, hehe.

Also, about two years ago my degu Rosie had escaped. My rabbit, Stash, actually alerted me by stomping his foot until I came to see what was going on.

So, yeah, basically mine like to escape .

Though I've had degus break into the treat bag, too, hehe.


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is this just for degus? i dont have any.


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that was cute i had a visial of a soaked degu cute
silly things they sure like to get into trouble
mine sneek out when i feed them and then its like a game
catch me if you can
I know they do this on purpose i know it lol
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and they are quick i try to block them but one of them always gets past
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When we used to clean their cage, we used to put them in the bathtub until it was completed. Hilary and Fatty could hop out no problem. Subaru didn't seem too interested in escaping and Carrie's too small to make the jump to the bathtub ledge. If they did escape, we figured there was nothing they could really get into to cause them any problems.

One day, we let them out into the bathtub like we normally do and let them round around for a bit. I would go check on them every few mins to make sure we didn't lose anyone. Well, Subaru decided to make the jump onto the ledge and slid down the shower curtain to the floor. (The other girls didn't go that far, they were just happy hopping in and out of the tub) There was a little nook from when our bathroom sink and counters were installed and it wasn't properly sealed up. Guess where Subaru decided to explore?

It took us about two hours to FINALLY get her out of the wall with a few peanuts and she didn't smell like the other girls at first. They were treating her like an outsider even after a dust bath. It took about three baths before they would accept her back into the colony. She didn't hurt herself at all though, but I think she was really lucky!

When we clean their cage now, we put them in a little hamster cage. Carrie and Fatty have dominance issues they have to sort out every time, but it's for the best as they can't get out of this one!
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dust bath, hamster cage

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